Anyone get disability with just FM and/or CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hootie1, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Just wondering if anyone won disability with only FM and CFS. I noticed that many people won that had other accompanying illnesses.
  2. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I won based on FM, CFS and a chronic headache disorder. I believe I won based on the Drs notes going back almost 10 years. I was in my early 30s at the time.

    You have to look at it this way.... each case is different and SSA will look at your case and illness(es) individually because it isn't what (or how many) illnesses you are diagnosed with but how the symptoms of those illnesses effect your daily life.

    Good luck
  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    but I think that I won on Fibro.I have a really severe case.I am on Morphine and still have pain.I can hardly walk aslo.Linda

    My doctor like Suzetal also said there was no work that I can do.Linda[This Message was Edited on 08/13/2006]
  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    On FM only was not diagnosed with CFS at that time.With all the doctor records I had even there doctor said that he felt there was no jobs that I could do in my condition.

    There occupational expert was never asked a ? by the judge so he never spoke.

    After my bench approval the Judge said of the record.I see that this bothers you a lot not being able to function as you once did .Her words were "it would probably help if you got some sort of counseling to help you cope with your decease."

    If your applying for SSD good luck.If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Take care
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I was approved for government disability (CPP in Canada) and my employer's long term disability based on CFS with secondary depression.

  6. yorkielove

    yorkielove New Member

    I won short term disbility at first, and then after not being able to work, finally got long term disability. This was after many years of back pain too from 5 disc surgeries, but the main disability was the FM and CFS.
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just get the case is so messed up...

  8. Yes hubby did They may want to use another sickness like depression too,Only because it does help.I heard of a jUdge telling his attorneys to give me another reason so i can help these people.So most attorneys will use depression.It does have alot of depression in this illness.Also Dont worry about how you get it just that you get it
  9. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    I got CPP disability and company insurance based on CFS alone in Canada. Good luck. Take care. Marie
  10. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Thank you all for your responses!!

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