Anyone Get Fibro Headaches?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I've had headaches off and on for over a week now. It's the two trigger points at the back of the head and also in the shoulder area that hurts when I press them. I tend to get a headache in the back trigger point daily and need to take a dose of Tylenol and drink some cola soda to get rid of it. Only to come back the next day.

    I tried today to avoid the medication and cola, but it got bad late afternoon and needed to medicate. I also get allodynia, where my scalp gets sore to the touch.

    I saw a neurologist many times and he said these are migraines, but I tend to disagree and call them fibro trigger point headaches. Not sure if these are caused by flareups of the trigger points, weather changes and both.

    Just curious if anyone else gets headaches with fibromyalgia - how often, what severity and what you do for them. I'm thinking heating pad for the trigger points, but I guess ice for the back of the head where it hurts?

    Thanks for any advice or thoughts!
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    yes i get the headaches, mine mainly first thing in morning, thats caused by my neck i think, as it cracks and loosens up the headaches subsides. but i also get migraine headache over eyes, sometimes even my eye sockets are painful. Your right about the pain in the skull, the face also affected and jaw, this is all muscle/tendon related, there are still sutures in the skull so the head becomes tender. As you know all muscles and tendons are painful in fibro, doesn't matter where they are.

    Sometimes it even feels like i've been wearing a tight hat. Best result is to lie on something warm to relax the muscles. I lie on my heatpad. Unless its a migraine headache, as that affects my vision and balance, spend most of the day in bed with them, they cause dizziness, and vomiting, i take anti sickness pills for that, stemetil and paracetamol and ride it out in bed.

    Oh about the coke, i know they often say caffeine and paracetamol can help a headache, as some headache pills now actually contain caffeine, and im gathering thats why you drink coke? thing is coke contains aspartame, a sugar supplement, as do most fizzy drinks, ive read out of all fibro books on foods to avoid with fibro, aspartame, and anything containing Mono sodium glutamate ,makes symptoms worst, and i have to agree. they are the only two substances that have been researched by fibro specialists and advised to remove from your diet.

    all the best keep in touch x
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  3. TaniaF

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    I may be wrong, but I thought only the diet variety of soda contains aspartame. I only drink regular Coke or Pepsi, which I think just has sugar. Only about 2-3 inches of the soda is enough to help me with Tylenol. And although my doctor says it's a migraine, I truly believe there is muscular tension involved. Or maybe a combo of a lot of headache factors.

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