Anyone get hives?

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    I have been breaking out in hives. I have had loads of blood work done from my primary and the Rheumy. Is it something that many of you get? I have read that those with CFIDS can suffer from it. I'm just a bit worried that they are missing something. If anyone has suggestions then PLEASE let me know.

    On Friday I was sent home from a client site because they were worried and wanted to get me to the ER as the hives were erupting right before them. It's odd they seem to come and go and lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. This just started in late May, prior to that I had only gotten them when I started exercising or in super cold weather. Even then it was not all the time. If I start to feel myself get upset, I start getting hot and then the hives come. It seems very bizarre, imagine everyone knowing your every emotion. This can't be normal and I can't keep getting sent home.

    My DR. prescribed Ritalin to me to help me through the terrible fatigue. The hives have nothing to do with that as the hives started prior to the ritalin. I've heard that people just drop dead on Ritalin and no one knows why........kinda scary. It seems the people who suffer from anxiety are the ones most at risk. Those with CFS are now (from what I have been researching) being compared to those with HIV. There seems to be a lot of question about "this is the epidemic" and the Govt. has been covering it up. I would post the article but I understand you can't post anything here that can lead you to another site..........I've been warned. Curious as to everyone's thoughts and any feedback is welcomed.

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    Yes, I've had them all over my feet and hands, which were swollen & burning in the hot weather. Dr St Amand says they can be part of the FMS/CFS condition. The only thing that helped temporarily was sitting in a cool bath. Hope you find relief.
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    bump, responded on other thread please help
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    my first symptom was hives. i have chronic hives, i take zyrtec to help suppress them, i have had them for 8 yrs now, i have no piticular allergy,i have researched that it is believed people with chf or fm have internal bacterial ifecetions, these build up in the gi tract, i am on a glutin, and sugar free diet, it is supposed to help kill the bacteria because that is what feeds it , you do it for a year, from the research i have read, many people who have done the diets had hives or rashes which once there body was clear of bacteria they went away. it is to soon for me to tell, but i have had small results and positive changes in my symptoms, it is belived that your body is putting a lot of the red blood cells to work on the bacterial problems which opens you up to autoimmune diseases, once you clear up the bacteria the cells can focus on other problems.the bacteria builds up because some peoples gi tract stops processing carbs and then they build up, many people who completed the diet were able to eat normally again. this is just a route i have chosen to try and i have had some good results so far. one year is not much . good luck blizzy
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    Try Claritin for hives.
    Also, no coffee, alcohol, anything that dialates or constricts blood vessels.
    There is tons of info on the web about hives.
    Thet are not an emergency unless you have trouble breathing.
    I've had them for years and the only thing that helped was Claritin.
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    Last year in the Spring, I got a case of them which lasted about 2 weeks before I went to the doctor.

    It had to be some kind of allergy, but for the life fo me I could never figure out what triggered it. No new soap, detergent, food, clothes....nothing! The itching and whelps was unbearable! I even had them inside my ears and the vaginal areas.

    When I finally realized they would not go away on their own, I went to the doc who gave me benadryl which finally stopped it. Thank god! And I hope to never have them again! Good luck, hun, and know that I "feel your pain".