Anyone get large purple bruises from unknown source

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  1. Achy-shaky

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    I just discovered a huge purple bruise (3-1/2 W x 2 in. H) on the back of my thigh about 3 inches above back of knee. What's weird is it doesn't hurt like I hit something and I have no recollection of falling or anything that could have caused this big of a bruise. My husband doesn't kick in his sleep so I can't blame him (besides I know I would have felt that!). I'm like many with FMS/CFS that get many bruises from running into things all the time but this is not like that. Does anyone have experience with this? Should I see a doctor? It's kind of freaking me out.


  2. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    I'm not sure what other symptoms would be considered not good - I have so many that go with the FM. I just read the threads on Betsy and Rose and can't believe I missed reading them before. I don't have severe problems like that but am anemic. I don't have any pain, swelling or heat in the area but do have little bumps and it seems to be getting a bit lighter in color than it was when I first noticed it about 5 days ago. I have a nurse friend who says I should get my blood checked so guess I will go this week to my primary GP.
    Thanks for help.
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  3. jka

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    i'm finding bruises all the time. i accuse my husband of beating me in my sleep!i don't even remember running into things and i get them.they seem to take weeks to away too.
    take care

    kathy c
  4. paulajo

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    I have bruises that don't seem to go away. I have a black spot under the nail on both big toes and a buise on the inside of my leg about 2" below the knee. The spots on my toes have been there over a year and aren't sore. The one one my lower leg is just like a regular bruise but has been there more than 6 mos. I get bruises alllll the time. I do bump into stuff alot but most of the time I don't know where I got the bruise.

  5. sofy

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    Even before I got sick but I know I am not careful and am always abusing my body when doing some chore, gardening or household repair. I just keep movin foreword and dont pay any attention. I will find bruises all over me but with no real recollection of abusing that spot but know I never remember so dont worry about.
    If you have one that large I would keep an eye out to make sure they arent spontaneous and take note everytime you bump in the night so to speak.
  6. Achy-shaky

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    Thanks everyone for your comments on bruising. I don't know how I would have gotten a bruise in such a spot - in the back of thigh. I'd would have had to have sat on something awfully hard or had someone kick me. I do get many other bruises from running into things which take long time to go away but this one is not like that. I also had a bruise under my toenail for months but finally went away. I understand that some meds can cause internal bleeding from muscles - does anyone know what meds do this?
    Thanks again & bless you.
  7. dolsgirl

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    sometimes I haven't even hit the area. Don't know why it happens, and it has happened for years and all my docs are informed of it but don't seem concerned. dolsgirl
  8. TNhayley

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    make sure to ask them to check your blood platelet count. If you get a strange red small-dot looking rash, definitely go see a doctor. I've always been prone to easy bruising too. My son came home one day with a horrible bruise on his stomach which he couldn't explain and he ended up having a blood disorder called ITP. ITP is an immune problem and characterized by low blood platelets ... and from what I've read it could easily fall into the catagory of a common coexisting condition of fibro. Just something to consider along with other people's comments if you keep getting large unexplained bruises. The upside is that ITP is treatable. Warm regards,
  9. Bellesmom

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    I had two very large bruises, one on my left thumb and hand area and the other somewhere on one of my legs. There was no reason for them. I had recently had a terrible, terrible virus of some sort and an RN friend of mine looked and said that's not normal - you should see a doctor about those.

    I have never had an successful visits with any doctors during my whole life so since they didn't hurt I just let it go. Both bruises eventually went away but I always wondered if that might be part of that awful virus I had. At the time I thought it was Mono and I know I definitely caught it from a boyfriend.

    I was about 20, 21 years old then and I am now 62.

    There are so many complex issues with Fibro and CFIDS. I was particularly interested in the Abnormal Heart Pumping after Exercise article on this website the other day. Sometimes just changing positions in bed at night makes my heart pump like there's no tomorrow but the d*** doctors never listen to me. It's like when I make words they pretend like I'm not talking or they sound real interested and then just stare away at something else.

    Interesting subject.

  10. TNhayley

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    Very interesting that you mention your bruising was after you had a very bad virus. Strep is what triggered my son's ITP (low blood platelets), and often what triggers it in many people. ITP can (and often does - since they are not exactly sure why some of their treatments work) correct itself, and it would make sense that many of us could experience it and not really know what it is. There is also a documented link of ITP with childhood immunizations (which until recently conatined mercury) and that could spin off on some people's belief that toxic heavy metal exposure can be part of the immune problems we have.

    If anyone has very bad bruises (my son's major bruise was about 4 inches in diameter - purple and black) then it can be dangerous. His platelets were so low we had to keep him from activities until they went back up, as internal bleeding can be most dangerous. I don't want to scare anybody ... but information is our best friend. :) hugs,
  11. tansy

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    I've had very low levels in the past. Though the levels I seem to have settled at are better I do have to be aware of being thrombocytopenic.

    It's really important to know this in case you need dental extraction, surgery, or injure yourself. Even a simple cut will take longer to stop bleeding.

    However, before you become too alarmed I've been thrombocytopenic for over 20 years, because everyone is aware of it it's not been as serious a problem as it might seem.


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