Anyone get nausea after eating?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Achy-shaky, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. Achy-shaky

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    For the last few days I've noticed about 15 min. after eating anything I get nausea, not to the point of wanting to vomit but just enough to be annoying. It passes in about an hour. I take Prilosec for my acid reflux so I don't think it's that and anyway it doesn't feel like acid as in indigestion. I have both FM/CFS and at first I thought is was because I had sugar or other hi carb item but now it happens with all food. Could this be a symptom of leaky gut?

    Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Eve612

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    This has been happening for a while. Some times it is worse than others. usually, I take Ginger capsules & it goes away. Would be nice to know what causes it & have a remedy!
  3. ssMarilyn

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    I have it right at this moment and it sure doesn't feel good. I get it at odd times of the day....sometimes it wakes me out of a dead sleep. I don't throw up, I just feel lousy for awhile. I read that this can be one of the symptoms of menopause....manyw women experience it, so I hope that's all it is.

    Marilyn :)
  4. Applyn59

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    Do you take probiotics like acidophilus?
    I was nauseated 24/7 and went back to taking
    the acidophilus and it helped me.

    I also had my gallbladder out but I still have many
    fo the same symptoms.

    Try some tums.

  5. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I do, even the smell of food can make me sick.
    I started to notice that it was worse with certain food's, so I stopped them, but I still get very Nauesaed at times, but more from Stress now than food.
    I hardly eat anything, just a few food's that don't hurt the IBS or stir's up the GERD.

    I took Prilossec for a while, but it made me really sick, hurt my gut and gave me the shakes. So I stopped, and I just take them now and then, like when I'm going to the Son's house for dinner. My Beautiful daughet=i=l is a wonderful cook, and so is her mom, and even tho, they go out of their wayto make sure that there will be something that I can eat, I still sometimes get sick, but no Heartburn.

    I will be honset with you, I smoke Pot for the Nauesea, it helps instantly, no waiting for some pill to kick in. I haven't found anything to help except that, and I have tried a ton of Med's. Starting way back in my early teen's, I would be Nauesaed, but I didn't try Pot till I was 28yrs, so I was sick for Many year's with no help.

    I did use Emotrol, OTC, and it works ok, but that was when it was mild.

    None of my Doc's. can figure this one out, yet, and I have been through Test after Test, so this Symptom I', chocking up to FMS. Unless the Doc's find something else.

  6. rge

    rge New Member

    I always had nausea - I cured it!
    I stopped drinking and cooking with fluoridated water.
    Then I stopped using as many manufactured food as possible.
    (made in fluoridated cities)


    also known as "NON-ULCER DYSPEPSIA," can often be caused (or exacerbated) by intake of FLUORIDE. Most frequently, the condition of fluoride-related IBS CAN BE REVERSED without medication - see below.
    SYMPTOMS: Nausea; loss of appetite; pain in the stomach; gas formation and 'bloated' feeling; constipation, followed by intermittent diarrhoea; head ache.
    Scientists have found that chronic intake of fluoride can seriously affect the gastric mucosa (the cells that excrete the fluid which is required to aid digestion and to enable the comfortable passage of food through the bowel). Healthy cells are covered in tiny hairs called microvilli. Fluoride-damaged cells show broken microvilli and, eventually, an unhealthy "cracked clay" appearance. These cells are so damaged that normal function is impaired, leading to pain and suffering - "irritable bowel syndrome."
    The following electron-micrographs are from the laboratory of Professor (Dr) A.K. Susheela, Director of the Fluorosis Research & Rural Development Foundation in New Delhi. She is the Senior Adviser to the Indian Government on all aspects of fluoride effects in the population, which she has studied for nearly 30 years.
    Many people who live in areas artificially fluoridated to ONE PART PER MILLION suffer from the condition. Those who do not live in fluoridated areas may also have fluoride-induced IBS if they use fluoridated tooth pastes, mouth rinses, etc., or who consume foods and beverages with a high fluoride content (e.g. Tea, but see the following Table. ppm = parts per million, or milligrammes per kilogramme.).
    Source Fluoride (ppm) Source Fluoride (ppm)
    Dried Seaweed 326.0 Tea 32.0 per litre
    Mackerel 26.89 Sardines 11.0
    Cod 7.0 Salmon 5.77
    Shrimp 4.5 Wheat Germ 2.4
    Carrots 2.5 Crab 2.2
    Pinto Beans 2.0 Cheese 1.7
    Chicken 1.5 Butter 1.5
    Soya Beans 1.4 Eggs 1.3
    Beef 1.2 Lamb 1.2
    Spinach 1.0 Parsley 0.9
    Whole Wheat 0.8 Pork 0.7
    Many thousands of people have successfully followed Professor Susheela's advice:
    "The health complaints resulting as a consequence of the structural damage caused to the mucosa by Fluoride intake can be rectified/corrected in a matter of 10-15 days by providing pure water for consumption or withdrawing the source of Fluoride entry to the body. DRUGS ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR TREATING SUCH NON-ULCER DYSPEPTIC COMPLAINTS."
    In other words, eliminate as much fluoride as possible from your diet - including fluoridated drinking water and foods with high fluoride content - and do not use fluoride-laced dental products.
  7. jka

    jka New Member

    i wake up in thr moring with nausea.some days are worse then makes no sense to me.

    kathy c
  8. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    You all have given me lots of info to work with.

    Lynn - yes I do eat yogurt every day and will check into gallbladder symptoms to see if that's a possibility. I do take compazine when it gets really bad but usually it's just annoying.

    Ron - I didn't know a symptom of IBS is nausea - great info! I've suspected I have IBS for some time but have not got the official dx.

    Blessing to all,
  9. claireandgiles

    claireandgiles New Member

    IBS is not the same as non ulcer dyspepsia! they are 2 totally different things
  10. Hinemoa

    Hinemoa New Member

    A Multi Digestive Enzyme before eating. I have one that has Protease and Lipase included. The dosage is one or two before eating, (I read, On this board? that it helps to take these between meals also) I usually only take one at a time.

    I have a list of things I can't eat and restaurants I can't go. MSG and "gassy" foods are out. Fruits and vegetables have to be carefully monitored. For a long while until I half-way figured this out I existed mainly on baby-food.

    BTW are you sure that the Prilosec isn't upsetting your stomach... it does have that potential.

    Compazine works on the "nausea center" of the brain and works for a while until you become accomplished to it. It can have some very nasty side effects (tongue thrusting, eye-rolling and head-bobbing) if you take it continously for too long so be cautious but for occasional help it's wonderful.

    Good luck,

  11. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    it's always there. can't figure it out. maybe its the lortabs and methadone?

  12. insomniac1

    insomniac1 New Member

    hi i always got nausious but in december 2002 they took out my gall bladder and now every time i eat it gets really bad kris
  13. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Yes i get terrible nausea almost every day! i cant take many anti-nausea meds anymore because they make me feel depressed and weird like reglan and stematil. I can take phenergan sometimes that works very well - just a 10mg tablet, but it makes you very tired. Or ondansetron hydrochloride which is a newer one but is excellent for nausea - expensive tho. My entire chronic fatige and FM ORIGINATES from my gut - i have a terrible digestive system with liver and pancreatic probs. When it all started in 2000, i had no fatigue and very little muscular pain but as the awful pain and digestive probs got worse after about a year of the constant stress of it (Upper abdo pain with all food, daily nausea and vomiting) i started getting so tired all the time and then gradually since then the CFS and FM got worse and worse. This process also has terribly worsened my MCS so with meds i used to be able to take full doses of, even tiny doses make me terribly sick now. Ive had gallbladder out too and didnt help much, still get awful pain where the gallbladder used to be! that was in july 2001. U can check for galbladder probs but i dont recommend having it out unless u have bad stone blockages or something severe like that. Wish i didnt do it. I still get nausea all the time but ive found its not as bad now that ive found the types of foods that agree with me better than others. I am totally gluten free, dairy and soy free. i SHOUD be sugar free but i cant resist the gluten free cakes i get! >_< maybe one day. :)