Anyone get results with tryptophan, melatonin or valerian

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  1. Lillie17

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    I have many strong med sensitivities and cannot take most pharmaceuticals that work on the central nervous system.

    Right now I'm having an extremely hard time with sleeping. Have any of you had success with tryptophan, melatonin, valerian or any other supplement?

  2. heapsreal

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    Others find melatonin helpful, I have found it helps correct a bad sleep cycle, like going to bed at 7am till 2pm etc, doesnt really put me to sleep, shift work I do doesnt help either.
    I also use a combo of valerian and lemonbalm which has a relaxing effect. Kava supplements are also good and worth trying, theanine also worth a try.
    Hope that helps, good luckl
  3. AuntTammie

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    I tried valerian, and it helped a little. It also smelled really bad and the effects didn't last after using it for a few nights. Tryptophan worked a little better, didn't smell bad, but also stopped working after awhile. Melatonin worked the best of the three for me, didn't smell bad, and didn't completely stop working; however, eventually it didn't work as well as it had when I started taking it. I have found that what helps me is to rotate what I take. I go w/o anything as much as possible, but if I am having several nights in a row where I am not sleeping well at all, I will take one of the three just for one night. The next time that happens, I will take one of the others. If I am having a really terrible time, even with those, though, and esp if it's bc of a lot of pain, I will break down and take 2/3 of a flexeril. I have a lot of trouble with most meds, too, but that amt of flexeril isn't too bad. I can't take it night after night, though, or it seems to have a cumulative effect and makes me more tired during the day. (That doesn't happen if I only take it once in a long while, though.)
  4. AuntTammie

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    I know that you were asking bc you cannot take meds, but if anyone reading does take meds, they need to know that kava can have some bad interactions. Otherwise it is considered safe and can be helpful. Another one I forgot to mention that helps some people is gaba.
  5. grannyc

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    I take Benadryl and a 1/4 piece of Melatonin. This combo helps me as much as anything. Since you are sensitive to drugs the Benadryl might not be good for you. Just thought I'd throw this in. I've found the smaller bit of Melatonin I use the better, just my idea.
  6. elliespad

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    For YEARS, I used L-Tryptophan 1500 mg. along with P5P (activated form of B6) and it worked really well. You MUST take tryptophan with B6 so the tryptophan is converted to Serotonin in the brain and not the gut. Also, you must use a HIGH quality brand. I have used a few that were actually detrimental to sleep. A few brands that I use and recommend are, Montiff Craig, BIOs, Lidtke, Nokomis.

    In Nov. 2007, I had complete thyroid removal and my sleep has taken a MAJOR nosedive. SEVERE insomnia. I currently take enough to knock out an elephant. This is my regimin:

    L-Tryptophan 1500 mg
    P5P (Activated B6 as I cannot convert)
    Melatonin 1 or 2 mg
    GABA 1000 mg
    Rest and Restore - 3 capsules, contains:
    Passion Flower

    I take all of these each night.

    It is 15 months since my thyroidectomy and am still titrating up on Armour thyroid and Cortisol. As my doses increase, my sleep is improving.

    And yes, Valerian does smell, in fact, it STinKS, but it all helps.

    Oh, I also find that taking my beta blocker, Tenormin, helps. Probably because it blocks the effects of Adrenaline, which can stimulate the nervous system. On the other hand, Beta Blockers, block the production of Melatonin, which almost guarantees you will develop sleep problems.

    Good luck.
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  7. heapsreal

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    There is a supplement called phenibut (strange name but is real) which has something added to gabba(amino acid) which helps it cross the blood brain barrier more effectively. It is used alot in russia for anxiety. I have personally used it and it had very good sedative effects, dosages are said to range from 500mg-3000mg, i used 2000mg. They say not to use regularly to avoid tolerance. I have used straight gabba and had little effect, but phenibut feels like a drug and I found no side effects when i used it. I would suggest to google it and read up on it. Its easy to get, alot of supplement manufacturers on the net sell it at a good price.

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