anyone get supps/pills stuck in throat, difficulty swallowing sometimes?

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    hey, for years now, it waxes and wanes in severity, and am in a bad phase with it the last couple weeks, it gets difficult to swallow supplements, medications and soem food. I think that years of taking vitamins and pills has irritated throat and supposedly the GERD I have can irritate throat too, I guess that can create a precancerous condition if throat gets too much irritation/gastic juices in there over time or something.

    anyway, lately it feels like stuff is stuck in throat in a certain spot, I have had a couple occasions over the years where used a netty pot to get something stuck to move. I did have an ultrasound and they blamed it on GERD a few years ago and said just be sure to drink a lot of water when swallowing but that isnt enough right now to get everything down all the time. It seems like there is a little nook or something in there where pills or food can pop into sometimes on way down and once it starts happening its hard to break the cycle. I can't remember if there is something specific that I did in past to calm it down, I did use gerd meds like prilosec briefly but thats a big mistake for me with my p450 issues, can't detox that crap.

    anyway, wondered if this happens to a lot of people with cfs due to our trying all these supplements and meds or if this is prettty unique and what people do for it if they have the issue.
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    I had that problem in the past, and its starting again with me lately. I took Noni Juice, and it helped a great deal.

    As for pills, I still have problems with them. I have to take either a liquid, a soft gel capsule, or a soft capsule, I can't take large or round pills at all. I was told there was nothing wrong with my throat, it was stress.

    I had quit taking the Noni as it stopped happing with food. But I have been under a lot of stress lately and its happening again. I need to start with the Noni again.
    I always keep water right next to me when I eat, and do drink between fork full of food, does help sometimes.

    I tried one of those meds (forgot the name) for it, well I ate well, but 6 hours later that food was still in my chest when that pill wore off I though I was having a heartattack with the pain in my chest. It was the food that I had eaten earlier! Stopped taken that stuff!

    I have not been able to eat any kind of meat in almost a year now. I can be in a restaurant and it will feel like I have a rock in my throat. I will jump up and walk around trying to get it to go down (talk about feeling like a fool :). I do not order anything heavy to eat when I am out.

    You could try the Noni, it takes about a week to work for you, but it does work. I hope you get to doing better soon, that is a miserable feeling.

    I have FM and CFS, and am suffering from Situational depression. Great combination!

    Hope you find some help soon.............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I take liquid Vit B

    and Adult Gummy Bear Vitamins...
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    hey thanks for feedback you guys!

    what do you think it is about the noni juice that helps? is it curative , healing of the tissues or something? I never used that much for some reason, can't remember why, if had weird reaction or what but will give it a look again.

    do you think there is anything my regular western doc can do about it? I am going to see him again in couple weeks and mention it, but other than what they already did, look at me swallow during utrasound and prescribe prilosec, I am not sure. I just don't want to get into that precancerous state with throat always being irritated and having food and supplements dissolving there is not healthy. and yea it does hurt sometimes when if it builds up, sometimes i dont even know and then I drink something and it hurts bad as gets pushd down.

    do you know if it could be related to the cervical stenosis I have? I don't think I am more stressed out right now than usual and my guts not hurting, so not sure what triggerd it.
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    I have a similar problem. Many naturopathic docs recommend DGL licorice that you can chew or suck on about 20 min before meals. In fact, Dr Teitlbaums site has a whole regime...

    Some suggest alow vera juice.

    I think green drinks help too and chewing food very very well. And if it gets bad - it has for me, especially after dental procedures for some odd reason, I puree my food in a mini-cuisinart (they're great).

    God Bless,

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    I really do not remember who told me about the Noni Juice, its been so long ago. It was on the FM board.

    It is good for a lot of things, but I mainly used it for the choking. YOu could put it in your search engine and read more about it, if you are concerned.

    It is popular and grown in Hawaii, Australia and other Pacific Islands. I had called Australia to order it, thats how much it impressed me.

    Now it is available in most Heath Food stores. I would however caution you to get the one that is from Hawaii or Australia. I do not trust the other places that produce it.

    Ask your doctor or pharmacist too, they usually know more than physicals about meds and herbal meds.

    Hope this helps, I know how you feel its awful, manytimes I though I would die with something caught in my throat.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I had trouble with either pills getting stuck or the sensation they were stuck. I had an endoscopy which showed an ulcer in the GE junction. I had never even heard of that. But I take nexium daily and it has solved the problem. Praise for solutions .

    Good luck.
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    first of all, don't panic... just swallow some warm water- the warmth relaxes the throat and it goes right down!
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    I bought dr murphrees jump start fibro package cant takwe half the stuff I gag and crap gets csught in my throat sometimes food sometimes just swallowing saliva.. just sort of lose function