Anyone get thigh pain?

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    I recently got thigh pain (upper part). My ortho and rheummie said it's coming from my back. I had a facet injection (SI joint) area done (depomedrol) and this helped the light ache I had in my back, but didn't touch the burning, shooting pains in the thigh. It's been 3 days - no success.

    Then I thought, could this be fibro? I have the myofascial knots that are tender to touch in both thighs, but the right one is what is hurting now. I don't do well with pain pills or even have any, so it's been Tylenol, but this doesn't do much. Or, could this be nerve pain?

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this and what they did to help with the ache?
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    Hi Jam,
    The thigh pain up to the kneecap is in the front. The Rheummie says it's still coming from my back. I always thought sciatica is in the back of the leg. Confused! Going for an MRI hopefully this week. Then, I thought it could be fibro's nerve type pain as it radiates, but only in the left leg. Can fibro be one-sided? Thanks, Tania
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    I made a post on thigh pain in fibro on my Facebook page (Autoimmune The Cause and The Cure) recently. Your thigh pain could be related to elevated levels of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6.

    Elevated levels of interleukin-6 can induce muscle hyperalgesia (extreme muscle pain with just the slightest touch), as the following link to the study demonstrates.

    In the next study the researchers found that fibromyalgia patients have "significantly" increased levels of interleukin-6.

    Proinflammatory cytokine levels in fibromyalgia patients are independent of body mass index
    Maria E Hernandez1, et. al. BMC Research Notes 2010, 3:156

    "significant increase in IL-6 in FM patients..."
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    Yes I get thigh pain in the front. Mine feels as if my muscles had a complete work out. Just touching them this what you are experimenting?
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    I have extremely tight muscles in my upper thigh and the pain wraps around into my hip. I can't seem to find any way to sit without if burning like fire when I get up and I wake up from it at night. My massage therapist claims it is my hip flexor muscles. I also have CMPS, so this is a chronic issue. Help!
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    My thigh muscles have hurt everyday since December 30, 2013. My pain is just as Cheryllynn described--it feels as though I just completed the most strenuous workout for my thighs ever. My fatigue and fever used to be my predominant symptoms, but now the thigh pain is the most severe symptom I've been dealing with.
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    I don't as much thigh pain but my lower back aches a little but it does hurt really bad behind the knees.. in the crease.. and my legs feel heavy and kind of a tingly burning feeling.. Been getting like stinging sensations every now and then.. but.. been getting them throughout my body since the rain has started up.. so I am assuming it is the fibro and the myofacial is flared up.. I hope You can get some relief from it.. I know it isn't a pleasant feeling..
    Plus every now and then I get a pain or achiness around my upper neck and weird feelings around my head in different places too..
    I thought the leg issue was maybe from riding in my daughters car.. the seats are so uncomfortable. yesterday.. then at my sons.. their couch is not easy to sit on and or their dining room chairs.. I could feel the pressure against the back of my legs.
    Sometimes I think we are unaware of how we sit and what we sit on .. can affect us.. even our computer chairs..
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