Anyone get well and have a relapse?

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  1. Raeb

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    I had CFS about 12-15 years ago and it stayed with me for about a year and a half back then. Fortunately, it went away although I have had a few spells -- days or two throughout the years when I felt like I had it back. Nothing chronic though.

    In January of this year, I had some type of virus that affected my throat and I couldn't speak for 3 days (no fever was present). I had a really stressful January completing evaluations for my employees in addition to my normal job and also planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for my in-laws. Since January, I have had a return of many of my former CFS symptoms and some new ones too - red/dry patches on my face, excess mucus, muscle weakness and feeling totally worn out.

    I was wondering if anyone has had a relapse such as this?
  2. kholmes

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    I also had a year-long bout with CFS twelve years ago, and have had a number of relapses since then, that lasted about a month or so. But nothing as bad as that year.
    Unfortunately, I have been in a relapse for about two months now, with severe fatigue, achy glands, and lots of head pressure. No red patches, though. I am seeing some very, very slow improvement, and I'm hoping to get into remission again soon. I'm not working right now (I'm a teacher), and it's very tough on me--scary and frustrating!
    What are you doing to treat your CFS? I have found some things that have greatly helped the symptoms over the years.
    Do you want to exchange treatment ideas?
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    I became ill in 1994, had many bad years, then in 2000 I started to improve, During 2001 I felt I was well (at around 85%). But, in Feb. 2002 I had a relapse which I have not yet pulled out of. The relapse was very difficult for me, emotionally, as it sort of made me lose hope that this illness would some day be behind me, and made me aware of many difficulties I could face in the future.
    Fortunatly, not all of my symptoms have returned.
    I really hope I have another remission some day.

  4. Raeb

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    It would be nice to share treatment options since we already share a similar history. I probably don't have this as bad as you, but my fatigue is so bad by the end of the day, I feel like I am on my death bed. I have the other symptoms I mentioned in my first message. Please let me know what you are doing that is helping your condition.
  5. kholmes

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    Even though I'm in a frustrating relapse, I'm sure it could be far worse than it is. I have CFS symptoms, but not FM. I'm able to get out and run errands, and I'm not in much pain, but the fatigue is often overwhelming.
    My therapy is a study in self-discipline and self-denial, unfortunately, and it's very difficult at times!
    I'm on a diet free of wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, anything artificial, which leaves me with lots of veggies, fish, fowl, and some fruit. I'm taking things such as pregnenelone and seriphos for overactive adrenals and am doing a detox to cleanse my body of mold/fungus: caprin, mycostat, grapeseed extract, bentonite...
    I also do fresh veggie juices every day (mostly green) and wheatgrass shots twice a day. I take short walks every day and do deep diaphramatic breathing.
    I have had some luck with Candida fighters in the past.
    I'm seeing some extremely slow improvement right now from this relapse, but feel like something more is needed for improvement: Valtrex? Kutapressin? Transfer Factor? A traditional Navajo ceremony? :)
    I'll do whatever it takes to get to feeling better and back to work.
  6. Raeb

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    I appreciate you sharing how you are treating your illness. I've been to the doctor several times this year trying to figure out what I have. Since I look good on paper based on the blood tests they took in March, I have decided I might be having a relapse of CFS. They did take more blood during an appointment last week and the doctor wanted to rule out a few other things before she agreed that CFS had reared its ugly head. I have had symptoms since late in January and this has been my regimine:

    Vitamins/minerals/herbs: Calcium +D, zinc, vitamin C, flaxseed oil (as of last week), St. John's Wort - one 300mg capsule per day.

    Diet: Try to keep a low glycemic diet (not completely religious about this, but do pretty good) with lots of salads/veggies; just gave up Aspartame laced products this week as I have been addicted to diet soda for about 7 years. Also, have not had any dairy products this week to see if that will make a difference.

    Exercise: Walk 2 miles (1/2 hour) at least 5 days per week sometimes all 7 days. Lift light weights 2-3 times per week. Also work on deep breathing during the day.

    Spiritual: Pray and stay grounded in my faith.

    Fortunately, I am still working 40-45 hours per week overseeing a financial staff of 23 for an insurance corporaton. Sometimes I think it could be my job and also helping to care for my ill mother, that could be burning my body out and causing a relapse. I used to teach an adult religion class every Wednesday evening, but have had to give that up along with some other volunteer work. There is nothing left to give by the end of the day.

    I'll keep you in my prayers as you sound like you are a really good teacher and miss teaching.

    I am really fortunate compared to a lot of those with CFS/FM.

    Take care,

    Rae B.

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    Thanks for sharing your regime. I hope you continue to feel better!
  8. kholmes

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    I meant "regimen," not "regime"! LOL
    Brain fog, I guess....
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    After an extremely stressful relationship break up I got CFS, didn't know I had it then but I couldn't get off the sofa and watched TV a lot, no energy. Then it seemed to pass and I didn't notice anything.

    About 2 years later I had another stressful relationship and a car accident. After ending that relationship I got it bad, was diagnosed, spent 2 years unable to drive or shop then gradually got better but by no means fully recovered. I live with CFS every day, the exercise program mentioned above would put me in bed for days, but I can still go out with my husband if I plan ahead to rest and rest afterwards.

    By the way, I met and married the love of my life when I was still very ill with the second round of CFS. I wouldn't have met him if I hadn't contracted this illness. Some things just work out like that.