anyone given Provigil for daytime sleepiness?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lastormer, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. lastormer

    lastormer New Member

    I just returned from the neuro Doc and I am having a sleep study done tonight to see if I have sleep apnea then he said we would from there to see what was wrong, but he did give me Provigil to help with daytime fatigue. Anyone use this?

    Thanks! Rachael
  2. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I used to use Provigil when I worked for two and a half years as an elementary school teacher after the onset of my fibromyalgia and it worked very well for me. I took sleep meds for nighttime and Provigil for the daytime. I was sick as a dog back then. It has been seven years since my onset and I've retired. I'm much better now after a long, hard time and no longer need the Provigil.

    Pearl S.
  3. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    I have just recently been prescribed Provigil. It made me jittery and I was still fatigued. I took just half a pill. I would suggest just starting with 1/2 a pill until you know how it will affect you. I have a fast heartbeat and I felt like my heart was racing with it.

    It is very expensive and my insurance did not cover it. Just ask the pharmasict for 5 pills to start with in case you can't take it. I ended up getting 15 and it cost me somewhere around $137.00.

    It didn't work for me but
    Everyone reacts different to meds so it may be a blessing for you.
  4. lastormer

    lastormer New Member

    Thanks for the responses. My Doc gave me a month of samples so that helped with the cost. WOW 15 @ 137.00 that's expensive. Hopefully my insurance covers it if it works.
  5. leubie

    leubie New Member

    hey rachael, how are you???-have you tried the provigil yet??? Ive been taking it for almost a year now--------it works great for me----------Ive never gotten the jittery feeling others talk about----but everyones different---------i can tell when i havent taken it-----------i take 200mg first thing in the morning----------sometimes i take another half around 1:00p.m.--depending how early i took the first 200mg!!!!!(5:30/6:00)------------------yes the rx is costly----------praise the Lord i have the insurance--------my cost is $40.00 for 30(thirty) pills------although the doctors give me enough samples to last me one month.-------so usually i pay $40. one month and then i have the samples one month. i also see a neuro ---he rx the provigil--------he has been very kind and helpful to me---------ask your neuro if they could help you out w/ the cost???samples or the manufactuer???----------i feel the provigil is very helpful---------- i could not make it through the day if i did not have the meds--------it DOES NOT MAKE ME SPEEDY OR ANYTHING--------as someone on this site posted------you can just feel the fatigue lifting!!!!!-------anywhoooo rachael------i hope this answers some of your guestions--------i know this is long-----------but i am pro--------provigil----------i can make through the day w/ some less of the pain and pain meds-------im also not as totally worn out as i was--------i feel if you are well rested and not just TOTALLY WORN OUT------my pain levels are not as bad!!!!-------i do take pain meds,muscle relaxors,zantac(ranitide),lots of vitiamins and supplements as well!!!! the neuro also rx lunesta for sleep but i rarely take it.--------------take care, LOVE TO ALL LAURA----------P.S.------ i do apologize this is so long!!!!--------let me know how the med works for you.
  6. lastormer

    lastormer New Member

    First let me say thanks for the reply. I had a sleep study last night and rested a little with the help of lunesta.
    I arrived home this morning and could not wait to take the Provigil in hopes that it would be a great fatigue free day. WELL, I took 200mg this morning @6:30 and it is now 8:18am. I am wide awake, no jitters , and seem to feel as though I am less anxious filled or should I say stressed about all the chores I have to do and worried about how I am gunna get them done. I have 5 children so let me tell ya my chores list is unbelivable. Anywho! I think this Provigil might just be a Wonderful thing! I'm feeling Great right now!

    HAve a Great Valentines Day!!!
  7. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I have CFS, no fibro whatsoever.

    One of my doctors gave me some Provigil samples about 18 months ago.

    The first day I took one, I felt exactly the way that I did before I got ill 10 years earlier.

    I spent most of the day at an airport terminal waiting for a delayed plane.

    I got more accomplished on that day (sitting on the floor) than I had any day since my illness began. I felt great. The delay didn't bother me at all. My cognitive functioning was terrific and my energy level really good.

    I didn't feel speeded up at all. I just felt normal. (I used to be a really high-energy person with strong cognitive abilities.)

    When I finally got home, I went to bed and slept like a log with a bunch of dreams.

    Then I got up and was basically bedridden for five days.

    (Usually I have 4-6 hours per day where I am functional, if at a slowed-down level both physically and cognitively.)

    As time progressed, I tried smaller amounts of the drug. I always crashed big-time afterwards, in accordance with the amount that I tried. (And I only felt really good and productive if I took the full dosage.)

    If I took the drug more than one day in a row, I started to feel really I was a normal person who had been awake for about 48 hours straight and was subsisting on caffeine. (This despite the fact that I was getting 8-10 hours of good sleep per night.)

    I finally gave up.

    The good thing was that it reminded me what it was like to be normal. It had been so long that I had totally forgotten. This has served as an impetus for me to stay on the antiviral drugs in the hope of getting back to somewhere near that level on a permanent basis.

    i seriously doubt that anyone with CFS would do well on Provigil, although you never know.

    Pure fibro patients may be a different story. I would be interested in hearing more results.

    Best, Lisa

  8. forfink

    forfink New Member

    I have taken it for a year now (up to 1 200mg. tab) and have to say, first thing in the morning and my brain just works so much better. I get rid of that fibrofog feeling and get so much more accomplished. It's not the answer for everyone, but it sure has helped me get motivated........afternoons I lose my energy, but I can count on a few productive hours on the Provigil. My doctor has found it works very well with so many of his patients.

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