anyone go thru this?

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    When I wake up in the night, .usually its because I have to go to the bathroom but..
    when I first wake up.. my heart feels like it goes fast.. then I have to lay there a few minutes.. because I just can't sit up and jump up to go to the bathroom.. but I can feel it in my neck and upper stomach too..
    sometimes it will go really fast after I lay there.. and when I get back from the bathroom it still feels fast..
    They have checked my heart several times.. but.. I try to explain what I am doing and they say its panic attacks.. Actually I go thru it during the day and I feel really tired when it does it?
    I don't know if it is part of the fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue or what..
    It usually takes me a long time to get back to sleep when it does it..
    I usually sleep on my back.. or my left side..
    Sometimes I feel like maybe it has something to do with either my upper stomach .. or my neck.. because that feels really warm sometimes in both places.. Inflammation?

    I just know its worse since it has gotten cold.. and I have been under a lot of stress..
    I am trying to get in to an Subsidized housing place for ones 60 and older or are disabled.. and all they have is upstairs. I get too tired to do stairs.. I can't imagine trying to go up and down them every time I leave.. and have to try to carry groceries in. so I am trying to get a downstairs.. which ones that are already upstairs get first before new applicants. I have had my application in since last July.. so its been over a year.
    they have some two bedroom units but they wont' let me in one unless I have a medical reason that I need someone there to be with me.. But I signed a paper yesterday so the lady can send to my Dr.. which has stressed me out.. I have called 2 times and my Dr.. or GNP has not returned my call so I can explain to her..
    I am ready to change Drs but.. my Insurance only covers certain places..
    I am feeling so full of Anxiety and I know that I am depressed.. I was going to go to Florida with my Mom and Step Dad. . but they sent me a paper regarding an apartment about a week or two before they left., so I figured I better get this apartment deal straightened out.. They have left.. and down there..
    I am still in my mobile home.. about 8 miles from my son .. I have a guy that is going to buy it as soon as I get an apartment.. then
    to top it all off.. my parents give me their car last yr.. Which I am so thankful and blessed to have.. and its held up since last year without having to put only another radiator in it and a muffler.. but now having issues with the car that they say might be the gaskets in the motor.. ugh..
    I don't have the money to fix that.. until I get my mobile home sold..
    so I know maybe stress is causing some of the problems but.. it is scary waking up and having my heart pounding so fast..
    The last time at the ER.. was about a month or so ago.. and they attribute the palpitations to Anxiety related. My Dr give me a prescription for Zoloft I believe.. a generic prescription.. but I am afraid to take it..
    Last time I tried taking anything like that.. I passed out.. and being alone.. I am afraid..
    oh.. I try to be positive.. as much as I can.. but its getting hard..
    But does anyone ever get this .. and if so.. what have your Drs said it was?
    Thanks for anyone that has taken the time to read this..... I know I don't get in here often..
    God Bless!..
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    Don't find anything here as it is really confusing for you.My personal advice to you is just visit doctor.
  3. Your not alone I get the racing heart but I have trained myself to take a deep slow breath in and slow breath out till I feel myself relaxing . I know when I get up too fast or my day has been crazy it's hard to shut it all off .I refused to take pills but have done acupuncture for stress and it works along with a vit b complex for anti stress which helps me . Talk to your dr about this as there are many other ways to help you . Everything can be fixed in life