anyone go to Dr. Lapp

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    You used to hear a lot about Dr Lapp, wan't he in with Cheney at one time? He seemed to be doing a lot of research. is he still around and if so, has he found anything that is helping people? Is anyone on the board his patient??
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    Thanks, Spacee for the reply. So you were doing all that he knew at the time and not really getting any results? I think he was the one who oringinally told my doc. about Kutapressin, also ealry 90s. thata was the only thing that really helped me.
    Do you live in South Florida? Have you seen Nancy Klimas? My mom saw Dr. Robbins in Boca or Dearfield about 15 years ago and he really helped her with her chemical sensitivities and yeast issues.
    Have you ahd any luck wiht any doctors down there?
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    told me to take B12 and up sleep meds, and a couple of vitamins. Clueless. Cost me $1,300 ..most of it out of pocket.

    "Live within the envelope." Ha

    Doing much better now on Transfer Factor and methyl supps, under Dr joe Brewer in Kansas City, MO.

    some others on teh board have been similarly unimpressed. do a search under his name.

    Think PGWS also mentioned him in a recent post...

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    Last month, I believe the CFIDS association had their press releases list a radio program with Dr. Lapp and Kim McCleary featured on "Charlotte Talks" from Charlotte, N.C. which is near Raleigh. He gives his viewpoints and experience during this interview, so that might help you evaluate him.

    In case you can't access that program anymore, here is my two cents on the interview:

    Overall, not great, but not too bad.

    I didn't totally appreciate all parts of that interview. There was this "jokey" attitude for a minute about how "don't worry it's not contagious" and the radio interviewer says, "I'm suddenly feeling very tired". chuckle chuckle. I'm all for humor, but not when it's cheap for the joker and expensive for the butt of the joke.

    Also Dr. Lapp described the fatigue which isn't even the right word in the first place, with just a bunch of mild synonyms for "tired" all the way to "malaise" and my least favorite "ennui", which means a vague sense of boredom from not knowing what to do with yourself. Even if he doesn't know what that word means, it certainly did not help, and don't we kind of expect a little bit more from our experts?

    But, I am not going to knock the man for involving himself in something that can't be very rewarding, professionally. Also, he talks about the people in the Symphony in Raleigh, where he practices, and he certainly believes how badly it affected them. He seems like a very kind, sympathetic man with a heart for the patients he sees.

    Another doctor who is a naturopath was also interviewed along with Dr. Lapp, by phone, who works at the Center where he does, and she talked some about complementary treatments, but both of them pretty much stuck to the basics of what is presented on the CDC site, and treating symptoms in various ways, and getting patients "better" as in more functional, but there was no real talk of complete recovery or cure investigation to speak of, one way or another. I don't recall if any one treatment stood out from others-- perhaps the importance of sleep?

    Oh, and I think he made a distinction that this illness is not depression, since the interviewer asked. Sigh. The same typical questions over and over. But, he did answer that one well. Sometimes the interview is only as good as the questions, I guess, so this is just one quick spotlight on the man.

    Hope that helps.

  5. California31

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    Unreal, at best.

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