Anyone go to the FM clinic at UConn med school?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by WendyC, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. WendyC

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    I understand that UCONN med school has a special CFIDS/FM clinic or department. Does anyone see a specialist there?

  2. WendyC

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    Wendy: No, but then again some days I'm not sure who I am. There is a post about a conference on April 12 at Farmington on FM/CFS. I'm going to try and go just to see what they have to say. Maybe you might want to come too. The post is by Jaimy. I'm going to go and try and find it and bump it up for you to see. Maybe we will both find a kernel to grow a seed of better health.
  4. allie124

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    But they do hold classes/seminars at the medical center. I don't have much information because I moved to NY 2 years ago. The upcoming seminar is only a three hour event with three different speakers, so I don't know how much informtaion they can really touch on, and I doubt there will be much of an opportunity for questions. I hope I'm wrong. I did see a Rheumatologist (Dr. Micha Abeles) at the UCONN medical center who was highly recommended. He tried to be helpful, but even though I know he attended conferences on FM, he didn't seem to really know much and as soon as I asked for some paperwork to be filled out for my job, he wouldn't do it and it became impossible to get an appointment with him. ( I was working shorter days to accomodate the aquatic physical therapy that HE prescribed and I needed some papers completed by him in order to keep my job). Anyway, due to my experience, I would not recommend him, but I would definitely recommend the aquatic physical therapy, which is available through the UCONN medical center physical therapy dept. You do need to have a referral for the aquatic physical therapy. The pool sessions take place at a pool in West Hartford, not at the med center in Farmington. My PT was John M. I had others who subbed for him, but he is the best. Hope some of this helps.
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    and for making me aware of treatments at UConn. Im a fellow new yorker myself so I will try to make the farmington conference-thanks
  6. WendyC

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    softy, I will be attending the conference so I hope to see you there. I did notice that it was limited and I am a bit skeptical but what the heck.

    Allie, funny, I had an appointment with Abeles and canceled. He has a private practice in Avon or Farmington too. My sister in law sees him and said that he was clueless.

    Skychomper, see you at the conference?

    Should we all wear red or something?
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  8. Jasmine

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    I didn't know that UCONN med school has an FM clinic, but I have been to UCONN Health Center to see various doctors and found them to be so-so. I don't go to the Health Center anymore.

    I would recommend anyone who needs a FM/CFS doctor in Connecticut, consider seeing Dr. Robban Sica of Orange, CT. I have heard good things about her but haven't visited her personally.

    I wanted to go to the conference at the Health Center last year but was not well enough to attend. Right now I'm in California so I can't attend.

    Love, Jasmine