Anyone going to Dr. Salvato---help

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    I had my one appointment with her. Each time i call over there, it is like I am bothering her staff. I ticks me off because i have important questions. Once I get my results what happens. The lab messed up my ATP, and now I have to go back and re-do that test. Well, that test is for the Glut. and if I were low on it before, I've already started taking the injections, so how am I suppose to know if I am really low on it? They will not let the doctor call back, and the nurses could be better. It took them forever to send out a prescription. I told the receptionist today that it seems to me that I am bothering her. She said, "no, there are just a lot of calls coming through." Anyway, what's next? Do I call and make an appointment, or do they call me with an appointment? She said they would call me when the bloodwork is complete to make an appointment. I don't like her. Anyone have this experience. I don't want to give up on Dr. Salvato, but it's hard to get results.

  2. benoit

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    Thanks for responding. I am hoping that they will schedule an appointment with me soon.

  3. benoit

    benoit New Member

  4. texasratgirl

    texasratgirl New Member

    Texasratgirl here.

    I have my second appt. Tomorrow (Monday, 25th).

    I called the 800 # for my test results but couldn't understand them well, Doc must have been calling from here cell phone.

    Anyway, I called the office to see if someone could go over them with me, and they said they'd have someone call back.
    Well I got my call at 4 pm, (office policies sheet they give at your first appt says they make call backs after 4).

    The person that called was short with me, not very pleasant, and not helpful at all. That was on the 18 of July.

    I called back the following day and spoke to Sandy, told her my problem, and that I also needed to learn how to give the shots to myself. She was very nice and explained that I could make an appt to go over my results and at the same appt learn about the shots.

    I know that besides you, dlebbole and myself, phoenixrising2 and momenti2 aslo see Dr, Salvato.

    I can't remember who posted concerns about her staff before, but I am seriously thinking about bringing these issues to her attention tomorrow.

    If I can get an email address for her or her assistant " "Cynthia" , I think is her name, I'll post it for you.

    I would call and check again to see if your results are in at the 800#, I picked up new ones myself just yesterday (Sat.) that were not there on Friday.

    If they are not in call her office, maybe ask for Sandy to help you. Tell her you need an appt, but are waiting for new results to come in. With me she said if they weren't in Monday, bfore I came to just call and reschulde for another day to see if they may came in.

    Good luck and don't give up yet.

    She may not know how her staff is being to her patients.
    It may just be one bad apple.

    Try to always get the name of who you are talking to, that way you and me and others can keep track of who we have the problem with. It could be the same person over and over.

    By the way, do the shots hurt????
    How do you feel after taking them????

    Talk soon.

    JIMTON New Member

    I first seen her 5 yrs ago when she was in the building next door on the 2nd floor. I went in once a week for a shot, never a problem. I would have to call for my bloodwork, then meet with the doctor. I would allways get a call back if needed. Ever since she moved to the 17 floor there seems to be a difference in her staff, alot of the people that used to work for her no longer do. I still get call backs but I usually ask for the nurse carol I like her she's nice and I also like the doctor she helped me through a rough time when I went through 2yrs of trying to find answers.
    I have been doing ok for the past 2yrs have'nt been up there too much, but now I fill awefull and I have to set up an appointment. My biggest problem is when I get up there my bp shoots up it's usually 125/70 and in the office it's got as high as 180/120 guess its white coat syndrome. I suffer from anxiety panic attacks as well as fibro.
    Looks like i'll be going through the same thing with the bloodwork and all that. If I remember right you call a message and get some results, and set an appointment. If your haveing problems I would recommend asking for a call back from her head nurse. If I ever needed a perscription I would get it or if I needed to talk to the doctor she would make sure I talked to her. I dont know really what to tell you but I had positive results with the dr.
  6. HagerTX

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    I went to Dr. Salvato from 1999-2000 before I had any thorough workups done.

    Basically in 1999 less than a year after my initial onset, I found something on the net that made me think I fell into the CFIDS category. Then I found Salvato's name and made an appt... I saw her about once a month for 8-10 months. Overall, I wasn't impressed. She rarely ever took time with me and it was a race to fire off questions and comments to her. Seems like the only thing she wanted to do was give me $10 glutathione injections, which never helped at all. Overall I got the impression she was more of a self-proclaimed CFS expert, but I got much more insight from doctors at the Diagnostic Clinic of Houston.
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    I posted a while back to someone about Dr. Salvato's office. I have been seeing her for about 15 months now. Her office is extremely busy and I think the staff is a little unhelpful at times. I have found they want to give you the shortest answer possible and that be enough. But they deal with us on a daily bases in her office, e-mail or by phone and just don't have the man power for her practice. There does not seem to be the bed side manner we expect from a doctor's staff that deals with illnesses with SO many complicated symptoms. If you live in the surrounding areas of Houston there are not many doctors who deal (much less believe in CFS) to make a change. So our hands are tied. And that too may be a reason her staff is the way they are. I have to say I'm really not sure if taking the injections have really helped me. I take handfuls of supplements also that I feel have helped me live a some what normal life. I work, clean, run my boys all over town and still have some energy at the end of the day. I could not say that several months ago. So I guess I will keep seeing Dr. Salvato and taking the injections until I know for sure it's not working. Hang in there and I hope everything works out for you.
  8. HagerTX

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    It's understandable that a lot of folks are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Financially, finding a good doctor, geographically etc. If Salvato is helping you, that's great.

    I'm not knocking anyone for going to her--however I do have criticism for Salvato and especially the way her clinic is run.

    Glad to hear you've had some improvements in recent months. Do you keep a medical diary by chance? I started keeping one on a spreadsheet in 2002 and it's been a big help to correlate symptoms to various things such as meds, diet changes etc.

  9. Lolalee

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    If you are talking about Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston, I used to see her when I lived in Texas. She diagnosed my CFIDS and was extremely helpful. This was early on in my illness, about 8 years ago and I was having trouble finding a doctor who would validate my symptoms. If I were you, I would speak to her about your concerns. It is so difficult to find a doctor who specializes in FMS/CFIDS and she has been treating these illnesses for a long time.

    If I lived near her, I would still be seeing her.

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