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    I broke my wrist in "91" and the rest is history!It was set wrong and would not heal, rebroke,set again(no pins?) and would not heal, as it slipped-this is where the nightmare begin.I had two surguries with pins and bolts(bone would not fill in,as at this point there was quite a gap to fill in. So these Drs. finially sent me to a bone specialist and after four unsuccesful bone transplants(harvested from my hips)I ended up in Rochester MINN.and had a vascular bone transplant.(ten hrs in surgury,bone taken from back and front of hip and six inches from my leg)And still had another three hour surg. to put in more bolts.I ENDED UP WITH OSTEOMYLITIS.(six weeks of intrvenious antibiotics)I was never the same.I did not recover and after several years of terrible pain-I was diagnosed with FIBRO.I attribute it to the surguries-and tramma to my body.We don't have informed DR. about fibro where I live-so it is a struggle.It is frustrating as heck.Anyway,anyone have any input on fibro and surguries, I would love to hear from you.
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    I would say my FMS issues started shortly after I had reconstructive leg surgery...It was like my body never recovered?
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    I think that my First big Flare was in the middle 80's, a lot of weird rashes, bad reaction to meds. food and alcholoc, sorry about spelling, .

    Then in the 90's it really set in.
    First I had Gallblader Surgery, then an year and a half later I had Neck Surgery on the C/7 section. While doing the surgery, the Doctor or someone, tore my Rotator cuff.
    5 months later I had surgery on that to repair the damage.
    Then 5 months later, they did surgery on my left knee, and did what they call "Manual Mipiliation" on my arm while I was unconsious, all that did was to retear the Cuff.

    I grow Scar tissue fast and this leads to other problems, I also have the combo of FMS/MPS and that is what keeps me for healing after surgeries.
    I had the Rotator surgery again in Dec of 1998, and I still can't use the arm, it's weak and I can't raise it past my boob level. I had a Great Surgeon, it was just to much damage, that went unreparied.

    In Feb of 2000, I had CT surgery on the right hand and that didn't heal either, and it was shortly after that that I was dx with the FMS/MPS.
    I can type, but not write with a pen, and sometimes the hand hurts so bad that all I can do is read the board, instead of Posting, so now I get more Helpful advise than dispensing it, lol, must betime for me to Learn something New eh?

    I have 2 disc in my neck that need surgery, But we are putting it off unless it becomes Life threatening, so far so good, but I do have more headaches, sinus problems and Neck/shoulder aches because of the Triggerpoints being caused by the Neck disc. It's a real Merry-go-round, only there's no Brass Ring. Darn it.