Anyone gotten a tummy tuck?

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    First time posting.

    I have had FMS for 8 years. Started after a bad fall (swan dive out of a jacuzzi tub onto my chest), extreme stress, and menopause. But I have always been the "Princess and the Pea" and was sensitive to weather, full moons, flashing lights, etc. and never had as much energy as many others. Have always loved to lay or sit on my bed or sofa. After menopause, the fat in my stomach area started to sag, and since I had a 9 pound 10 ounce baby, I know have a large, uneven, bag of a stomach that shows through almost all my pants, skirts, etc.

    I have been considering a tummy tuck, as I get so frustrated when shopping for clothes, trying to find things that don't show my uneven bulge. I am not talking about wearing my clothes skin tight (and who could, with FMS!) or being vain; just not wanting this awful fat, flab that is lopsided showing in public. I am concerned, though, about recovery and pain following the surgery. Wondering if I would have more pain than most (thinking, yes!), if I would have a longer recovery period, and also if I would have residual pain from the surgery. I am also concerned about having to pull up the compression girdle during recovery, as my arms are one of my weaknest, sorest areas.

    I am considering the surgery, despite the above concerns, because of:
    1. The unsightly bulge through my clothes
    2. Getting some weight off around my middle, which is suppose to be bad for your health/heart
    3. Decrease in weight (probably at least 15 pounds) might help my bad knees, etc., as well as making it easier to do some exercises.

    Has anyone had experience with a tummy tuck or similiar surgery, and if so, how did you do? I am so afraid to go ahead and have the surgery if I am going to end up in worse shape pain wise than I am in now.

    Thanks for any thought/input.

    Anne (in Maryland)
  2. Aeronsmom

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    I have often thought about it too, I have lost over 27 lbs and I lost inches every where but not the stomache...I have had 4 kids so that may be the reason. I just don't have the money for a tummy tuck and I am kinda nervous if I would heal fine. I had a breast reduction about 4 yrs ago now and I am finally looking better (scar wise that is) sorry I was not able to answer your question. maybe make an appointment for a consultation and talk to the Dr about your concerns and just go from there. Good Luck

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    I also have lost weight since menopause. First I packed on 50 pounds, but lost 30 about two years ago, most probably from taking Ultram, as well as onset of diabetes. So that contributes to my sagging pouch.

    I have a friend who recently had the procedure, and she said it is not an easy thing to undertake, and she was surprised at the length of time it has taken her to recover, but she is so glad she had it done. She was extremely uncomfortable for about a month. Pain not so bad after the first few days. Also, she had breast reduction at the same time. However, she is five years younger than me, has always been more active, and does not have FMS.

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    Hi Baytoshore,
    Here's my 2 cents. Do anything you can to fix or improve the problem without surgery. Why? Because with these darn diseases were are more fragile/sensitive etc, and our bodies are under enough stress already! First lose any extra weight that yoy may need to lose. Also make sure to exercise, aerobically, and strength training. That may reduce your troublesome area enough that it can't be seen thru clothing. If not, then re consider surgery.

    By the way, I am just starting to lose some of the 130 pounds I have gained over the past 11 years.(When my CFS started. But I can't blame it all on that-- I likes the food!!) I have a huge belly, and if I am successful in losing all of most of my extra weight, I'm SURE I will have a huge sagging flap of skin. So then I'll have to take my own advise.

    Take care!
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    I have sagging breasts, too. Always have had "floppy" big ones, but now they are approaching my waistline! I am very shortwaisted, as well as short in the crouch area, despite being 5'6" tall and large boned.. I am afraid one day I will catch my breasts in my belt! So, if I do go ahead one day with the tummy tuck, I will most likely consider having my breasts done, too, but I am not sure.

    Each time I lose a little more weight, my stomach sags even more. And, I have NEVER had strong stomach muscles. Even as a small child, I would stand and my stomach would stick out forward. So, I am afraid trying to do exercises to reduce the problem is not going to work.

    I did speak with my gynecologist about possibly having the surgery and told him my reservations pain wise about it. He suggested I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon and that perhaps I could just have liposuction instead of the tummy tuck. But I know that would only leave me with a deflacted fat, lopsided balloon around my middle, which would still look bad under clothing and perhaps even worse when I am undressed. I look bad enough now.

    I hope I can hear from someone who has had this surgery post the onset of FMS and how things went. But thanks to all of you who have already given me your thoughts on the matter.


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