Anyone had a bad reaction to IV drip need advice

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    Hi All,

    I would like some advice if anyone's ever had an intravenous drip. As my medications don't seem to be helping, my doctor / homoepath has advised I have 2 intravenous drips twice a week over 4 weeks. She said I should start to feel better after the 4th drip.

    The first time I went, my arm ached a lot during the 2 hours but then settled down a bit towards the end. I didn't feel any better or worse after.

    The second time I went, she couldn't find a vein and then once the drip was in I passed out. It was much more painful this time and it was agony the whole time. The drip only ran for an hour, could the speed of the drip make a difference? I also passed out 2 mins after the needle was taken out and I had eaten before and during the drip.

    The drip is a 1 litre dextrose drip containing magnesium, manganese, Vit B6 and B12, a thalamus compositum and a thyroid compositum.

    I cancelled my one this week as I was too scared to go back as I felt very weak after and couldnt stand up all evening without feeling like I was going to pass out. Also still weak a few days later.

    I'm due to go back tomorrow but am worried it's doing me more harm than good, the doc says it's just because my blood pressure was so low but it hurt a lot during and after, I'm just not sure I can take anymore pain at the moment but she still wants me to try it.

    I would be greatful for any advice as I really don't want another one unless I know it will help.

    Thanks all
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    I tried chelation therapy and felt like I would pass out within about 5 minutes. I think it had magnesium, b vitamins and vitamin c, that's all I can remember. I remember reading that vitamin C given too fast can make you pass out. I gave up on it and decided my body wasn't ready for it. I used detox diet (look up liver congestion) and detox pills until I got better, mostly paying attention to my liver.

    If your body doesn't want it, don't force it. I get a vitamin B1 andB12 shot in the butt every 3 days which helps alot. I've ordered the B3 and B6 shots, too. And I take a chelated mineral supplement that has really made a huge difference. Maybe you could try it later when you're in better shape. good luck, karen
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