Anyone had a Myers Cocktail IV?

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  1. wannabwell

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    I am going on a trip next week, and my dr has suggested a Myers Cocktail prior to leaving for an extra boost. I looked it up using google and am impressed with the writeups--just wondering if anyone here has actually tried it? Did you feel any different for having it?
  2. lou2

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    Hey there.
    I have had the myers cocktail. I had five, over five weeks. the first one i had as an iv drip, and the rest as injections in the buttock!
    I have spoken to people who have felt alot better from the cocktail. i personally don't feel that different than i did 5 wees ago. However i am nearly recovered so its a bit more subjective on how well i feel. It seems if you are more ill you notice a boost .
    The main advice i can give you, is that i didn't like the iv drip at all. This is because when magnesium goes into the blood stream it makes you feel like your insides are burning, which is a normal effect but quite unpeleasant. Also they usually put lignocaine in to stop the vein being irritated and this acts a bit like an anasthetic so after the drip you actually feel quite drowsy and weak, before feeling better. I found the same thing but as an injection much better. It does hurt, however we know all about pain, hey! and you just get a hot flush about 20 mins after (the magnesium effect). doctor reckoned i was the only person he had treated for ages that preffered the injection so i guess it just depends on you, but i am sure you can choose either way.
    anyway i hope this helps. lou xx
    have a nice holiday!
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  3. wannabwell

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    Thanks for responding. It sounds worth a try. Actually I'm not sure whether it's a shot or IV. She described it as a 'push' whatever that is, and it takes about 20 minutes, so I guess that sounds more like the IV. It sounds like it can't hurt. I'm having muscle spasms in my back so I'm hoping the magnesium will help this in particular!
  4. Jolie

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    Yes.....I have had about ten of them. My doc throws in glutahione and a few other things, so it's more than the usual Meyer's cocktail.

    The one I take takes two hours, and if you try to make it go through faster (which the nurses at my doc's office did do because they wanted to get out of the office), it can be dangerous.

    Also, the day after my doc. caught that I was doing the I.V. in lesss than an hour and so insisted that the I.V.. take the full two hours, I felt fantastic, and have felt fantastic after each appointment since then.

    I have to add, that before I do the Meyer's Vit C drip, I do a blood ultraviolet iradiation , in which about a pint of my blood is run by ultrviolet light, which kills viruses and bacteria (though it did nothing for my mycoplasma infection.)

    When I walk out of my doc's office, I feel like a normal person. The results last a couple of days,and I believe are cumulative. I highly recommned it.. But it doesn't handle mycoplasma.

    Good luck.