Anyone had a numb back?

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    Has anyone experienced numbness in their back? I had numbness along my spine from about halfway down my back to the base of the spine for a few years. It wasn't a problem and I was only aware of it if I touched my spine. It went away about 18 months ago but it's recently returned and is much worse than it used to be. It's now only on my right side and covers most of the length of my back (not only along the spine). It's not always numb but it happens a few times a day - I get pins and needles as it starts to go numb. It was particularly bad a few nights ago and when I woke up the next morning, my right side from halfway down my back to mid-thigh was completely numb.

    I'm seeing my CFS specialist in a couple of weeks so I'll ask him about it but thought someone here might know if it could be related to CFS/FM?


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    I do experience this from time to time.
    I have Fibro,.. a little arthritis,and 2 bad disks in my low back.
    I get that numb feeling,..and or the pins and needles.
    Mine is mostly from the low back right down to the end of my tailbone. Its an odd feeling for sure.

    I have mentioned it to my doc. and he nods his head and does'nt question it further, so I take it its something common??
    I also have researched it to see what I come up with and there is something called Cauda Equina. (sorry,...not sure if the spellings correct,... I'm pulling this up from memory at least 2 yrs old)

    I'll try and see if I can find exactly what I'm talking about and repost. But this whatever its called listed all these symptoms. I think its mainly due to spinal problems/disk herniations. ???
    Do you have DX disk problems?

    Hope this helps even a little~
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    Me again,..Tandy.

    I looked up that cauda equina and it can't be that.
    with that one would have our symptoms PLUS,.loss of bladder or bowel function. Its way more serious than I thought.
    Its gotta be nerve compression from a bad disk or spinal stenosis. ??? I do have 2 herniated disks,.....
    maybe thats part of my disk troubles.??
    I only have these symptoms when my back is really bad off. (flare up) in other words,.. when my back hurts really bad I get all the numbness/pins and needles sensations. (doc. said it was sciatic yrs ago)

    I hope I did'nt confuse you more.
    My intent was to help~

    Best of Luck~

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