anyone had a psych evaluation?

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    The SSDI people in my state had me go in for a psychological evaluation two months ago, as a preliminary to my hearing before a judge. While not pleasant, it was good for me to read his report (I requested a copy be sent) and find out how much is "wrong" with me. His conclusion was that I was suffering from actual physical symptoms and not trying to make something up.

    The problem, acording to him, is that I have some deeply-powerful-issues-stuff that I have been repressing for some time now, and that the stress of trying to hold in/deny the problem then manifests itself in symptoms as the body's way of complaining.

    He reports that only treating the symptoms will not make me well if the trauma of my past has not been recognised and "processed." He says my only hope is a lot of therapy and maybe new meds. If my current symptoms go away later on, I'll just get new ones to take their place. My "only hope" is ridding myself of this "demon," and statistically, chances of that aren't good.

    Whew! Sounds pretty depressing, but a friend pointed out that this is what I want him to say; he says I couldn't handle the stress of working at ANY job, and that I AM capable of depositing checks in my bank and handling the disability money when it comes in.

    Has anyone had an exeperience even remotely like this? Thanks.

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    I applied for SSD in January 2004. I have was denied 3 months later. My first appeal was denied, and I hired an attorney earlier this year to represent me at the ALJ hearing sometime in the next 18 months. Before my first appeal was denied, I was referred to a psychologist for a psych evaluation. I was then sent to a seperate psych examiner who specialized in nothing but psych exams for Social Security. While I haven't read the reports from those exams yet, the letter from my appeal denial stated that they found further evidence supporting my disability and agreed I could not return to the same type of job I had, but they felt I could find another type of work. That's probably the most common thing people hear from Social Security..... that you can find a different type of job that is accomodating and pays money. I don't agree with that assessment obviously, but that is why I hired an attorney for additional help.

    So you may be wondering why you were sent for a pysch evalutation. Well, it will most likely help you. If you can prove depression in addition to the Fibro, it will only improve your chances of receiving disability benefits. It's very difficult to be approved for disability on the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, in and of itself. Your chances for approval increase tremendously if you have another qualifying illness that meets the requirements of SS disability.

    I caution everybody not to get their hopes up too soon regarding a disability case. I thought my case was going perfectly when I received my first, then second denial. I hope yours goes through smoother than mine, but 75% of cases are denied the first time. It sounds like your psych evaluation will be an asset to your case file. Good luck!