Anyone had a review to continue their SSDI benefits?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Mar 8, 2003.

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    I was awarded my SSDI benefits 3 years ago. When it was awarded, they said that I would be re-evaluated in 3 years to see if I was still disabled. I received some papers to fill out in December--they wanted to know the dates of my last 3 dr. appts. and if I were better, the same, or worse. I answered "worse". I mailed the form back in and have not yet heard anything back. If anyone has been through their first re-evaluation, what can I expect next? Will I just get a letter saying my benefits are being continued, denied, or what? They also wanted to know if I had discussed with my dr. on being able to return back to work. I had to answer "no" because I have never discussed it with my dr. because I know I am not able to return back to work. I'm getting nervous because I have heard nothing from them. May 1st will be exactly 3 years and I hope my checks are cut off then. May will be here before we know it! Can anyone tell me what to expect next? Thanks!
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    Hope this helps a little! I have had the re-evaluation once before. I recieved the same questionare as you.I filled it out,with dates and such.And same here on the work issue! I have never discussed going back to work (ever)with my Dr. so I had to tell the truth there~
    But a couple 2-3 months went by,and I got a thin envelope in the mail from SSI.It said that my benefits would continue.! I think it said they would again check in 3 yrs.
    Good luck!