Anyone had a stomach biopsy like Dr. Chia's son?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hubcap_halo, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. hubcap_halo

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    My friend in CA is waiting for his stomach biopsy results and I'm wondering if anyone else on this board has had that done?

    I haven't heard of this leading to large numbers of recoveries yet so I'm assuming it's still a sort of marker that docs aren't sure what to do with yet. My friend said if the results are positive, they will probably put him on Valcyte. I tried Valcyte and I'm convinced all it did was damage me. I'm just getting recovered to where I was before I took it.

    But I'm curious. Always looking for a way to feel better!
    But even if this stomach thing helped people improve 20% I'd be thrilled.

    From MedPage Today:
    "LOMITA, Calif., Sept. 14 -- Enterovirus, a common pathogen that can cause acute respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, may be a factor in chronic fatigue syndrome, according to researchers here. Action Points
    Explain to interested patients that this study suggested a link between a common viral infection and chronic fatigue syndrome but the finding requires confirmation.

    Explain to patients that no microbiologic cause of chronic fatigue syndrome has been established definitively.
    Eighty-two percent of stomach biopsy samples from 165 chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients tested positive for enterovirus infection versus 7% of samples from controls (P<0.001), John K.S. Chia, M.D., and Andrew Chia, of EV Med Research, reported in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

    "Finding enterovirus [viral capsid protein 1] protein in 82% of stomach biopsy samples seems to correlate with the high percentage of CFS patients with GI complaints," Dr. Chia wrote."
  2. hubcap_halo

    hubcap_halo New Member

    Has anyone who had a biopsy done been treated and gone on to be recovered or much better?

    Good luck Kelly. I hope you improve and get back your health!
  3. gibbs

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    Dr. Chia saw my son in July 2008. He referred us to Dr. Sattler and wrote Dr. Sattler a request for a stomach biopsy. We got a stomach biopsy from Dr. Sattler in August. I took it to Dr. Chia's office the same day. We saw Dr. Chia in early October and my son was positive for echovirus and epstein-barr. He has been on a prescription of matrine for 9 days. Dr. Chia said he would be tired and achy for 7-10 days and then start feeling better. We are hoping he will start feeling better soon.
  4. RickBri

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    I see Dr Chia. I had the stomach Biopsy done in May 2008 and got my results in August 2008. I tested positive for Coxsackie B type 4 (1:640) via blood and strong positive on the biopsy specimen, 2+. I am also negative for HHV-6, tested 2 times, Im a rarity. I had 5 western blot tests done for lyme disease from different labs over 3 years, all negative, but positive by a lab called Igenex. I did IV Rocephin for 6 months and 6 months oral ABX with no improvement. I think Igenex is pumping out too many false positives. I was put on Oxymatrine by Dr Chia and I started on August 11th, he said it would be living hell for the next 6 months and I think that is a big understatement. I have been suffering really bad, but I am fighting this hard because I have no other choice. Besides, going through any kind of antiviral treatment for any viral disease is physically taxing, look it up for hepatitis B. One thing I can say after a little more than 3 months on it, is that I dont feel as horrible anymore as I did the first 2 months on it. Also, the constant lightheadedness I had since April 2005 has faded a bit. I dont feel like im going to pass out all the time, 24/7, now. I even have days when I can drive again. I cant tell you without a doubt if its actually working, but Im going to stay on the Oxymatrine for a long time to see where it takes me. Afterall, I gave ABX a shot and it didnt work. Some people say it takes 2 years of ABX to get rid of lyme disease. Well, I helped people get diagnosed with lyme disease at Kaiser who were sick for more than 5 years and all it took was 28 days Rocephin to get over it, with a few weeks of Doxy to follow up. Dr Chia is "the man" when it comes to CFS. He is easily the most intelligent Dr I have met in the more than 30 Kaiser Drs I saw that told me there was nothing wrong with me.,,,
  5. aftermath

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    Dr. Chia's work is very interesting and the enterovirus theory is a distinct possibility.

    The big problem with having the stomach biopsy right now is that as of now, there is no effective treatment for enterovirus infection. Oxymatrine is a hope at best, and IV interferons are absolutely BRUTAL on your system.

    Cort Johnson interviewed Dr. Chia a few months ago. He reported that Dr. Chia has so far seen little interest from big pharma in developing an effective treatment to combat enteroviruses.

    Dr. Chia apparently has procured funding for some follow-up work. Hopefully, he can accumulate enough compelling information to get a drug company interesting in developing an effective drug to combat this virus.

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