Anyone had a swallow study done?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BEARANDBUGSMOM, Mar 13, 2007.



    Just wondering how yucky this is going to be? A barrium swallow study because my throat is really irritated and it hurts real bad when I swallow and it's not strep..So I have no idea what the problem is?

    Just wondering what to expect from this?

    Thanks all and blessings,
  2. Fransmom

    Fransmom New Member

    I had one a few years ago when I had some really weird pain in my throat - it's not really that bad - better than the diabetes test they do when you're pregnant. I recollect that it was kind of chalky tasting, but doable. it's actually an interesting test - I got to watch the tracing take place.

    Good luck, and I hope they find something to help you.


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