Anyone had a TRH test for central hypothyroidism?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoFMS, May 29, 2008.

  1. JoFMS

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    I have been reading Dr Lowes research on central hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia where he states that 44% of the patients with fibromylagia were diagnosed as having central hypothyroidism by using the TRH test.

    I do not mean the TSH test but the TRH test which is different. He says that if your test comes back as normal after having the usual thyroid tests then to have the TRH test as we have problems with our pituitary / hypothalamus axis.

    I am interested in asking my doctor for this test but undestand it's difficult to get hold of.

    I have read that it's not used much anymore and is difficult to obtain as you are injected with a hormone and then more blood tests taken so can last 1-3hrs.

    I've got an appointment tomorrow and would love to hear from anyone who's had this test.

  2. mujuer

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    I take it that you are having symptoms of hypothyroidism? Did you have the TSH test and have it come back normal and that is why you are wanting the other test?

    I had all of the symptoms myself and the TSH kept coming back normal. I had an awesome Dr. back then and she ended up doing an ultrasound on my thryroid and found that I had a multi-nodular goitor! So I was well advanced in it but kept showing that it was normal. I am now on Synthroid and have to have yearly test to see if the nodules have grown.

    Do whatever it takes to get properly diagnosed. Let us know what happens. P
  3. jlruff

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    I know it's been a long time since you posted but I have had the TRH test and it basically saved my life (as my endo at the time said). With Central Hypothyroidism the TSH test means absolutely nothing.<BR>
    I do have some great info for you to pursue, since this is an 4 year old post I will wait for your reply.
  4. sydneysider

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    I'm curious about your great info.<BR>
    I believe hypothyroidism is possibly a big part of fibro.<BR>
    I have had hypo symptoms all my life, but only identified them in my fourties. My doctor kept doing the tsh test, and eventually even the ft3 & ft4 tests, and kept insisting my result was normal. Eventually someone on a message board told me I needed to be tested for thyroid antibodies. Finally the problem was found..hashimoto's disease (auto immune hypothyroidism)!!<BR>
    A big problem with TSH is the range that doctors are using.<BR>
    Most blood tests come with a 'referance range'. This isn't the healthy, or optimal range. It is usually based on 95% of the population, although some ranges are modified.<BR>
    A typical TSH range is around .5-4.5. After reading lots of info, it appears to me that 'healthy' is around 1. Above 2.5 should probably be suspicious for hypo. In my case my TSH was around 3. Of course my doctor considered this normal, as mainstream medicine considers anything within the range to be 'normal'.<BR>
    I have since discovered that the countries that are adding iodine to the food, are having higher incidences of hashimoto's.<BR>
    It's a shame that doctors aren't up to speed on these issues. So much unnecessary suffering is going on due to the way mainstream medicine is failing to recognise thyroid issues.<BR>
    I've done a lot of reading on thyroid over the years. I'm sure the TRH test would be much better, but of course TSH is the cheap option, and has never been available where I live.

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