anyone had accupunter

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunslickie, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. sunslickie

    sunslickie New Member

    hi was wonderingif anyone can give me info on accupunter as i am going for it and was wondering was it any good thanks alot
  2. sunslickie

    sunslickie New Member

    hi was wonderingif anyone can give me info on accupunter as i am going for it and was wondering was it any good thanks alot
  3. alsu

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    alsu from U.K
    I have been thinking of accupuncture myself.I do not know anyone who has tried it,for FMS.I have had electro stimulent
    on the accupuncture points in my back.This helped a lot,l now apply a T.E.N.S electro to my back to relieve pain.
    Please let me know how you get on. Hope it works for you.
  4. sapphire

    sapphire New Member

    I just saw on the news the other day about a Swedish Study on people with Fibromyalgia that tried accupuncture. It said that 75% in the study saw improvement. I thought that was pretty good. Go for it and let us know.

  5. Vicky

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    i go for a session about every 3 weeks, i 've been having it for about 5 months now. sometimes it makes the pain go almost completely, other times it's not so effective for
    pain, but it always relaxes me afterwards, so much so that i never plan to do anything else the day i go, 'cos i just feel too sleepy. also the full effect doestn't seem to get to me until the day after it's done.
    i also use accupressure patches, from China which can be very helpfull, depending on how bad the pain is.

    i hope the accupuncture helps you, even if you don't get much relief the first time, it's worth trying several times.

  6. fifty1ford

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    I've been receiving Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for about a year now which includes acupuncture and herbal mixtures. If you find the right practioner, acupuncture can be a real blessing. I go once a week and feel just great after the treatment. The feeling of wellness lasts for a few days and up to a week or more if I take care of myself. I am working towards fewer treatments, maybe every other week, but am not quite there yet. The treatments really help keep me going both mentally and physically, because I cannot afford not to be working.

    Look for someone who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and who has been trained in the "old school" methods. That is very important. Good luck.

  7. wander

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    I get acupuncture every 2 weeks. It is very relaxing and has helped me. It stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals which will change the experience of pain or stimulate the brain to release other chemicals and hormones to help the body regulate own internal system. It has been used for 2000 years. The needles stay in for about 20 minutes and for me i just float away. sometimes it workes better than other times. it kicks in right away or could take 24 hours. everyone is different but my experience has been a positive one. Hope it helps you.
  8. younghope

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    I started accupunture in May 2002. It helpied me so much after going 2 visits per week, only lasting 3 min. that I actually had a dry spell (without going ) and no pain for 3 months. I am getting very bad agin ang restarted and it is easing it. It takes a day for it to kick in, sometimes not lasting very long, but the end result was wonderful. I wont stop so early this time. He puts needles in two places in each shin and in both my wrists. It is definately worth it to me to have it done.