Anyone had an Igenex/Lyme test come back "inconclusive?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    My Lyme test from Igenex came back "inconclusive," and I've had at least three previous western blot tests that came back negative. My doctor thinks Lyme could STILL be a possibility. Has anyone had anything like this happen?
  2. sapphire

    sapphire New Member

    Mine was positive but I have heard of them being inconclusive. There are lots that come back negative. They may still have it even though it's negative.

  3. goaska29

    goaska29 New Member

    I had an IgG and IgM Western Blot from IGeneX and one was negative and the other was Indeterminate. I'm still setting up an appt with a lyme specialist to rule out Lyme.

  4. goaska29

    goaska29 New Member

    Bumping for Kholmes.
  5. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    My Igenex test results were IgG Negative and IgM IND (indeterminate). I'm still being treated with antibiotics through the FFC. I also have other infections. The abx are kicking my butt and I've gotten progressively worse pain wise.
    This is a slow process.

  6. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    the doc must be literate in reading and understanding the test results and the diagnosis should be made in conjunction with clinical observations. I understand there are many different bands that are tested. The doc must be able to figure out the importance of which bands show up and the levels. I don't think it as easy as a pregnancy test--positive or negative. jen102
  7. MKlady

    MKlady New Member

    ...Western Blot and the FFC doc say "no" but I think I do. Too many symptoms and an unexplained illness 4 1/2 years ago that sounds like active Lyme.

    However, I tested positive for reactivated EBV, mycoplasma and clyamidia (sp?) pneumonia so we're treating those. Along with candida...been at FFC Las Vegas since early September...

    Started ABX and antivirals this month and it's been awful -I feel as bad as I've ever felt with this we made adjustments a couple of days ago...

    Reduced the Famvir and will work up much more slowly. Cut back the Nystatin and stopped the Diflucan and Zithromax...and today is a little better after 2nd day of reduced dosages. We'll have to go a lot more slowly than I'd hoped. As said by others, it's a slow process - but at least there's a definite treatment plan and HOPE!!

    So I'll wait until after we get these nasty buggies licked to see a LLMD.
  8. redsox10

    redsox10 New Member


    Make an appointment with a lyme literate doctor (LLMD). I have 2 children with Lyme. My daughter was sick for 2 years diagnose with CFS before the Lyme diagnosis. After 1 year of treatment she has started to improve. She has a long way to go but is so much healthier than a year ago.

    Check out lymenetdotorg You can go to the seeking a doctor board to find a llmd near you. You might not have Lyme but I would sure get this ruled out by someone that understood Lyme Disease.

    Hoping better days are soon in your future.
  9. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    For a Igenex to come back inconclusive means nothing. Mine came back that way and after my LLMD looked at it he said it was a "no brainer" that I had Lyme. You have to look at the bands and what came back positive. Also some LLMD's like to take a CD57 test for inconclusive results. If that comes back low its another indication you have a positive lyme test.

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