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  1. debra39

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    I need some info on Back surgery... My dr suggested that I have 2 vertibre fused. Bone graft from my hip to stabelize my spine as well as root nerve work done. I would like to speak to anyone that has had this done. Or anything similiar. I have 2 small children and need to know about recovery details....Some one help me please? Debra at THANK YOU
  2. Michelle Z.

    Michelle Z. New Member

    Hello, I'm Michelle.

    I have four major and one minor back surgeries. The
    last was a fusion to L4 to S1.

    I'm getting ready to leave the office right now and, I don't
    have a puter at home. I will come back tommarrow and
    give some details.

    You can also check my profile. I have some of the details

    Best to You and All!

    Sorry but, I don't do e-mail.[This Message was Edited on 10/30/2003]
  3. insomniac1

    insomniac1 New Member

    Hi just wanted to say hi and to let you know that yes i did have back surgery, in 99 i had an L4-L5 laminectomy, in 01 i had a fusion with cages, screws, rods, and plates.
    in 02 i had a bone stimulator removed from the site. with the second one , they did a bone graft from the back of my right hip. this way the doc only had to make one insision. my mother had 2 surgeries one in the lower back and one in the neck.

    she said the pain from the bone graft site was worse then anything. my best friend also had a surgery the doc went in from the front and the back. she also said the worst pain was from the bone graft site.i myself
    am going thru more tests now just had an mri, cat scan and tomarow im going in for an emg.
    i was working for my surgeon and know some things about it so just ask or let me know what you want to know id be glad to help if i can . friends kris
  4. deblouwhit

    deblouwhit New Member

    Hi, you are lucky to get a Dr. to send you for tests. I've had back pain since 1/21/2003, and all my internist would do is send me for pt. It helped, but not with teribble pain I have at night.He sent me for an x-ray and said it was fine. Just prescribed pain meds. I don't want pain meds, I want better, I called his office and asked if he could send me for a MRI, no answer.I have insurance, but it doesn't cover chiropracters. What kind of doc sent you for tests? Thanks, Surrering Deb
  5. sheil1

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    dear debra,
    i had a spinal fusion done about 7 yrs ago and it was not successful. i am going to another dr. now and of course i am a reck. but the pain is down both legs now and i can only walk short distantes, my legs just give out. where they took the bone for the fusion, on my hip has never been the same,i still have pain there too. i can't have an mri because they put in rods and screws,to hold the fusion together, so my next thing is a mylogram, not the easiest of tests, but necessary. i can't say not to have the surgery but please talk to other patients of your dr.and see how they did. and please just think it over very carefully. in my case i developed a verabre that is leaning forward above the fusion and hitting against my spinal cord.i am in pain 24/7. i take controled drugs every 4 hrs. if you decide to have the surgery let me know so i can says a prayer for you, god bless, sheil1
  6. deblouwhit

    deblouwhit New Member

    Well, I had my MRI,the radiolgist said he seen why I'm in pain, but guess what, the Dr. hasn't let me know what it is.I'm calling tomarrow, and he better have me an answer.
    I want out of pain! I may just change Dr.'s......some help he's been!!Later, DEB

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