anyone had bell's palsy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tejanya, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. tejanya

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    i had it in 1993. the next year it was dx with fibro. have not really thought about it much til the other day reading about fibro and they brought up bell's palsy being something most fibro people have had. just curious.
  2. elastigirl

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    This is the official name for paralysis of one side of the face, isn't it?

    I had it on one side of my face right after my c-section (which followed 10 hours of labor). The neurologist on staff ordered an MRI. It showed I had had a ministroke. The neurologist said this may or may not have happened during labor and may or may not have caused the Bell's Palsy.

    Eventually, it went away, but the left and right side of my face often go numb, though not usually at the same time.
  3. diva2mi

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    and they said my birth caused it... she was a tiny woman and I was a HUGE baby, 10 lbs. They didn't do a c-section, so they think the stress of having me, plus a reaction to the pain meds they gave her caused it. She had it rough too! A nurse a few days later stuck her with a dirty needle loaded with hepititis...

    But her bell's palsy got slightly better over the years. Accupuncture helped the most, I think.
  4. tansy

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    it's improved now but changed my facial features. One side has dropped more than the other, but it's not that bad to look at; lots of people have naturally asymetrical faces.

    I have cervical spine issues and last year was Dx with neuro borreliosis/lyme, both can cause Bell's Palsy. It's also been documented in ME/CFS.

  5. tejanya

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    of course the first thing was give thanks for healing. then i searched what might of caused it. and what to do. i massaged the cheekbone, all of the affected part & relaxed. i even asked a nurse friend. i took all the info and used what worked. stood on His word and found the scripture to do it. it was hard to get out in public, but i did. what if it had not healed right? might as well get in view of people now. i enjoyed being with family and laughed a whole lot. my general attitude changed. i would sit out on the porch swing (in a tree)and try to not worry. all feeling came back and the movement also. it was great to hear my kids say "Mom, its getting better, i can see your wrinkles now!" what could i do? i was happy to have my wrinkles back. i still have aches along the cheekbone and some twitches here and there. but usually its stress or sinus.
  6. june-bug

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    I had it 16 years ago. I was 14 then. It lasted for 3 months or so and I got a lot better. I have synkinises that means that I have too much movement around the left eye (thats the side it was on)my eye twitches when I move my mouth the nerves were damaged when they regenerated. I feel like it looks atrocious but others say they cant even tell. Please give me any info if you have heard that lots of fibro sufferers get this. I always wondered why it happened and feared its return.My worst fibro symptoms are on the left side of my face and its really painful at times where the bells palsey wacked out my facial nerves. I also get a lot of twitching and numbness there and just recently the pain and twitchiness started on the right side to. I panic daily about its return. It was such a devastating thing to happen my first year of high school and you know how cruel kids can be. I still have bad self esteem from it. How long did yours last? do you have very much facial damage?

  7. kch64

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    My mom had it years ago. It was scary for her, but she recovered completely with no disfigurement. I will keep you in my prayers.
  8. jhmitch

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    This is an interesting subject to me, Tejanya.

    Back in 1983, I developed viral pneumonia and then lost my voice. After going to numerous doctors and having lots of tests, the ear-nose-throat doctor diagnosed "Bell's palsy of the larynx" and said my left vocal cord was paralyzed.

    His theory was that the virus which was in my chest (during the pneumonia) had damaged a long nerve which travels near the lungs then back up to the vocal cords. There was a 50-50 chance I'd ever get my voice back to normal functioning level.

    Years past and I still have a paralyzed vocal cord but have learned to compensate for it. I just can't talk for long periods of time, sing, or shout.

    The diagnosis of fibromyalgia came 20 years later, though the FMS may have been around before then - I don't really know.

    Healing hugs to all,

  9. Roseecoop

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    YES!! I had it for two years ago and it lasted for about 8 weeks before it started getting better and was completely gone after 10. I got mine due to having a very bad sinus infection that I left untreated for quite sometime. The sinus infection ended up spreading throughout my face and into both ears. The infection was so bad that

    I was on antibiotics for 21 days before it finally went away. I also did two rounds of Prednisone while I had the Bells Palsy because they say steroids is supposed to help the Bells Palsy and make the duration of it shorter. Which it did seem to work because according to some other people I talked to at the time I had it. Some had it for months and others for years.
  10. Tiels

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    Once on each side. First time was in 1993, didn't know what in the world!! Went to ER and found out about the Bell's Palsey, and was put on the countdown 'roid pack. It did all last about 8 weeks, but I got out my harmonica and as my mouth got more nerve use back, I'd play. It really did help.

    2nd time was in 1996, I know that painful feeling behind my eaer, one of the 1st sx for me, and got on the countdowns quickly before total nerve damage happened. Doc couldn't believe it! Got the harmonica out, and within about a month all was back to normal again. Can/t tell I've ever had it.
  11. Mar19

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    Yup, I had it too. It was back in the mid-80's following what had to be the worst sinus infection I ever had in my life.

    The "disfigurement" (for want of a better term) for me was minimal, what brought me to the doctor was the intense pain I experienced.

    My kids were all small then; I remember getting up in the middle of the night b/c I thought I heard one of them crying. I did hear someone crying all right, but it was ME!

    Mine resolved in a month or so, and I only have the slightest asymmetry to my face as a result of it. Interesting topic.

    Love and blessings
  12. june-bug

    june-bug New Member

    Bumping to hear from anyone else whose had this. Also, to ask if anyone has read anywhere that this is a fibro symptom.
  13. victoria

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