Anyone had body mapping done?

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    I went to my massage therapist who treats fibromyalgia. He massages using a much lighter technique. (sorry my spelling has gotten soo bad)Anyway he mapped my body tender points, triger points, bands of knots that run along my body. This was so interesting. He gave me a copy and has over 3 dozen fibro patients. Anyway my butt and rt leg are FULL of knots, bands. trigger points. He uses all kinds of healing oils that smell soo good. He massages my stomach to help my constipation and suses a specific oil on it. ( I believe orange)
    Oh and get this, I told him my back on my head is my worst area and as he was feeling it he was shocked. Needless to say I had bands of knotted muscles and he has never seen one as severe as me. That expains the tension headaches!!My feet also had knots, toes, instep which expains why I'm limping in the morning and it hurts to wear shoes. Fingers also had knots and it just made me feel like I had a reason to hurt so bad seeing it on paper. Just had to share! take care,
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    I guess that is what you would call it. I have it done as part of the process before I have the trigger point release done and the fluffing up of the muscles. I also have reflexology of my feet done before my treatment. It makes the whole process less painful. However I think that we may be having a difference in the type of massage done. We use rosemary and lavender in a safflower oil base. Itis the only process that really keeps me painfree for a few days in a row.

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    You say the therapist gave you a map. Is that a map he uses on all patients? If so is there any way you could send me a copy thru email? My friend does massage therapy but not for a living......just as a friend. I would love for her to see this and have an idea how to work on me.
    Massage makes me feel really sick when i'm done. I don't know if it releases toxins or what but it sure doesn't feel good. Let me know if you can mail the map.....Thanks, KADEE
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    He knew more about our illnesses than all my other docs put together.

    Love, Mikie
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    I don't have a scanner but it is a piece of paper with a body picture front and back. Then My therapist feels every part of my body looking for knots, bands of knots and tender points and trigger points and marks them on the body pic on the piece of paper. I guess if you really want one , a sample of mine I could mail you one
    my e-mail is
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    The body mapping chart you can send to my email. Its

    I'm having lots of trouble with this site. I'm on my daughters computer. When I pull this site up on my computer I can't get the responses people have typed to my messages. It pulls up the days messages but when I hit page 2 it takes me to March 12. Something is not right with my puter so i'm just now getting to read the responses to some of my messages. Anyone have any idea how I might fix this on my computer???? Thank, KADEE
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    I've been on guai for a year now and he has been mapping me. My lumps and bumps are going away and as they are I am feeling better. Most of them are gone now. When he hits one that is still "active" it's still "OW!" (but he really is as gentle as he can be, I don't live in fear of being mapped.) I haven't asked to look at the maps but I'm sure he would give me copies if I wanted them. I know I feel him going over places that used to hurt, that don't anymore as time goes on. I am SO EXCRUCIATINGLY sensitive to pain that pain stimulation will send me into a migraine if not immediately, within an hour or so, so I can't imagine wanting to have my lumps and bumps massaged, although time in a hot tub with the jets on the sore muscles feels really good. I also am sensitive to scents, which also will give me migraines, so aromatherapy is also a no-no for me. Anyway, the guai has been the thing for me to get rid of the bumps. The only thing that brought them back was when I backed off my dose and they started to come back. So I'm not going to give up my guai.
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    Since body maps are used in the treatment of FMSwith Guaifenesin, I think you may be able to see a body map on the guaidoc website. Check it out. I know they have the maps in the book on Guai by Dr. St. Amand.