Anyone had breast reduction with fm & cfs?

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    I am a 40DD and Madwolf's associate who is a DO (and a wonderful and compassionate Dr as is Madwolf) has suggested that I may want to consider reduction as my indents on my shoulder are like 3 inches deep, had these big huge ugly things to carry around since I was like 14 yo and since I have gotten fibro-fat of course they are bigger.

    I am all for it as I think I would suffer less neck & shoulder pain and be more comfortable. I have to reposition them a lot while sleeping as they are always being squished, any advice out there on this????

    My main concern is the surgery, sounds like everyone who goes thru surgery here really suffers.

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    i am new to this site..only my second day. unfortunately i am not new to FM - it's just that now i have a name for what has been haunting me for years...
    i had my breast reduction surgery three years ago. it was one of the best decisions of my life. i wish i had it done years earlier.
    they took five pounds off each side of my chest. the relief on my back and shoulder and neck is wonderful. no more putting 'desitin' under my breasts in the summer months to stave off the chapping and rashes i used to get.
    i went from a DDD to a small B - i was originally going to be a C cup but the day of my surgery decided that it was still too big and opted for the B. no regrets there either. after the first six months i burned all my bras and havent' worn one since.
    two important things:
    1..put vitamin e oil on your scars--i did this faithfully am and pm for the first year (after the incision heals--about two weeks) and my scarring is VERY minimal.
    2..the anasthetia (spelled ??) really smacked me hard..vomiting, fogginess etc... but after the third day i quit taking the pain meds because their side effects were worse than the pain from the surgery which in my case wasn't bad..just MOVE VERY VERY SLOWLY...
    to sum it up..having FM is bad..having FM while carrying around 2 bowling balls on your chest is infinitely worse.
    go for it...
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    I had my reduction back in the 80s and haven't regretted it for one second. The pain after the surgery wasn't as bad as the pain every night as I undressed for bed. I had painful fibrocystic disease too. Don't go too small. I had a friend that did that and look out of proportion. My surgeon said if I went as small as I wanted to go that I would probably feel as if I had an amputation. I'm glad I listened to him. Make sure the plastic surgeon has plenty of experience and look at his picture file of surgeries he has performed. It's made a world of difference in my life.

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    I had a reduction about 3 years ago.[ I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so I didn't know I had it then.] It was the best decision I ever made. I am old. I was 59 at the time. My daughter also had one.[She was in her early 30's] She gave me the courage to do it. The pain was minimal. I hardly remember any. DO it! It's great. My daughter and I hardly ever wear a bra anymore. Can you imagine?--NowI wish I had the courage to have a face lift!----P.S. Your insurance should pay for it which is also a big Plus. Good Luck. Blackfoot
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    i am embarrassed to put my size it s way too much.
    i used to be skinny with large breasts and now i am overweight with the DD its all become a bit scary. I can't even sleep without a bra on.

    i asked a doctor a few years a go but was told i am too ill for the op.
    i have a history of serious post op infections and am asthmatic, but would still like it done sometime.

    Does anyone else with a tendancy to infections risked the op ?

    Jacibart if you decide to go ahead i want to know all about it.
  6. JaciBart

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    I was just wondering if the surgery was an absolute nightmare to go thru with these illnesses.

    I will go for a c cup, it would be so nice to not have the pain, mine hurt, (breasts) all the time, sleeping is such a hard thing as I constantly have to reposition them while sleeping as they are also cystic and anything touching them hurts, taking off the bra is terrible. I have to take it off very slow as the weight of them drops as I remove the bra and it seems like so much strain on the insides of them. I have always hated them, especially now that I am so darn fat. I think it makes us look fatter too.

    I will keep you all informed of every detail, I will post pics if that is acceptable.

  7. bluewave1882

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    Please do let us know how it goes. I made the decision to have one just this week! I'm hoping to be able to do it in 2004. I have lost a great deal of weight in the last year and, for some reason, not as much in the breast area as I would have liked. So...I think a reduction and lift are in order. I can't believe I'm typing this on a message board!

    Thanks to all who responded to the original poster. It's good to know that you all are happy with your results and the procedure was not a nightmare. I understand it is major surgery, but my doctor told me that all her patients (gyn) who have had it done are very happy.

  8. hollie9

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    I interviewed about 4 doctors. Only one knew how to do the "LeJour" method for breast reduction as big as mine (1 vertical scar from areola to bottom of breast), all the others could only do the "anchor" method (scars under breast horizontally, then vertical to the aereola.

    I've never had an easier surgery. I was well and perky immediately after surgery and NEVER felt ANY pain at all.

    I was a DD and wanted a B, but the doctor said I would look ridiculous with such small breasts, so I got a C.

    I've had face lifts, lipo, neck lifts, eye lifts, CO2 laser surgeries and haven't had any problems with additional infections, suffering, anathesia or anything.

    In fact I usually feel so much better after surgery, and I mean the day of surgery and later. I've guessed it must activate my immune system because my CFS gets so much better. Then the rest one gets from not being able to leave the house (bruising) helps too. Then you get the bonus of looking so much better. I love plastic surgery!

    But, choose your doctor well! Jaci says everyone who goes through surgery here really suffers...the total opposite for me. I think it depends on the doctor and anathesiologist.

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    I was just wondering does anyone know if medicare pays for tis surgery?