Anyone had discogram?

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    I just visited a spinal surgeon today. I hurt my back on Christmas day at work(the joy of nursing). Since that time I had an MRI, that showed bulge to pain was down left leg. Then he did 2 epidural injections...didn't help. Last week I went for a myelogram and it showed a protrusion to the left, one disc above the previously discovered bulge on the mri. I'm sort of caught in the middle. I told my co workers today that I wish I could come back to work on regular duty for a few days and finish one of those discs off...I'm sure it wouldn't take much. I've been in terrible pain, but I must continue working through my pain, because that's what workman's comp says. The majority of patients I help take care of ask me if I'm ok...kind of backwards. Anyways...

    This surgeon said he didn't know if it was something fixable so he ordered more tests. Next week, I get to go for a bone scan on mon, an EMG on Fri...and for the final torture a discogram...see if that darn thing was ruptured could just go on to surgery. I'm still waiting for the day of that test. I'm going to take 2 of those tests while at work...since I work at the same place they are being done..and it's there fault that I can't take a leave til I figure this stuff out and get better. I know I need time off for the discogram, I'm just wondering how much. I know my Dr told me I only needed the day after my myelogram off..and he was wrong..I took one more. I've heard the discogram is how long to you think it would take a person with fm to get over. I'm really nervous about this thing because I just don't know how much more pain I can tolerate.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks, susan
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    I don't have a clue but am bumping this up for you since no one has replied yet who knows what to tell you.

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    Hi, I've had 2 back surgeries for ruptured disc.This is what the PT Lady had me do and it helped some.Stand 12 inches away from a wall ,side ways.with the side that hurts torward the wall and lean into it ,this will push the disc in the other direction and may give you some relief another thing you can try ,take 2 pillows and lay them on to of each other then lay a large ice pack on them ,then lay down on top of them with the side that hurts ,This should take the pain away within 3 minutes.The second one is kind of hard to do by yourself but it works really well.At least it did for me. I hope it does for you also. That pain is awlful.Good luck...Danisue
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    Hi Susan,

    Yes I have had a Discogram recently. If your pain is discogenic, it will be painful and you tell them when to stop. It sounds like you have one disc. This is a good thing. I just had four levels checked and it was the worst test I have hand on my spine. Remember that one level is a good thing. However, I was able to take a pain med four hours before the test and I took two immediately following the test. My test went like this: 20 minute consult with the attending physician; taken into the OR, placed on my stomach, ran an IV with antibiotics and a mild cocktail...very mild! You need to be alert because they will be asking you questions about your pain...again; one level is pretty quick. I was then put on a bed and rolled down the hall for the CT; after that, I was free to go. I had to have a driver. I would say that I had 5 days of increased pain. I am not working so I can't give you a reasonable number. I am glad for the information and I would not do it again. The doc said the almost always do one or two levels, rarely ever four...wish I’d known that one, I would have requested a shot of morphine before I was taken off for the CT scan.

    Just my truth...some people do not have much trouble. Some discs are not painful, even when they are bulging. My worst looking disc had less pain than the other three.

    My best to you...take care,
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    I have lower back problems(for 20 years now...ouch,that hurts just thinking how long I have hurt.)For the first ten I could not get a doctor to agree something was wrong.When I did I got a doctor who promised me after his surgery I would be fine.Need I say I believed him :)......Well, another 10 years later I start all over again with doctors about my back.(I had sworn I would never see another doctor after how he treated me when I was still in paIn).....But, I found a nice doctor who immediently called for another MRI...then the nueroligist wanted a discogram. I can tell you that what the doctor discribed as minor discomfort was nothing less than hell. When the area started simulating the pain(as the radiolgist put it) I thought I was dying. I told the radiologist that they only wore those heavy aprons to protect their privates because I would like to grab his and squeeze as hard as I could. The pain was horrible and I was down for 5 days. Let me tell you,I am no whimp when it comes to pain.I endure alot but that test was so over the top. The doctor has no idea how really horrible it is ...actually none of the radiologist do either. And what did it prove...that what I was saying was really true..oh thank you medical profession for finally acknowledging that I was being truthful......My question to you is....find out if that test is really necessary for your diagnosis? I sure wouldn't do it again.If you have to then request to have some good pain meds right after(you will need to get a ride home)..this is the least the doctor can do since he is asking you to put yourself through this. As for me, I am still dealing each day with all the back pain along with the FM ......I am utterly exhausted from the pain and I have no quality of life. I see doctor in 2 weeks and am going to ask to see a doctor in Los Angeles.....closest big city (5 hours away)I dont mean to scare you I just know the truth about that test after going through it and I hate anyone having to go through it if they can avoid it. I do wish my best to you on your search for what is right for you....I know what a long,exhausting,and emotional road it is. Let us know how you are doing.....Blessings to you,Kathleen
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    i was expected to work with a brace from my groin to my ankle to stabilize my knee with a torn acl and meniscus tears medially and laterally, on oxycontin and percoset--I ended up getting fired because my orthopedic surgeon put me out of work. They actually fired me for too many absenses while I was still under investigation for WC--got to love health care!!


    ps I am an ultrasound tech
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    I actually have 2 discs messed up, not one. One is bulging to right, other to kind of messes up that exercise the physical therapists likes you to do to get the disc back in. I sometimes wonder if that is what helped push the one out to the left.

    If I could tell these Dr's no, I would. Unfortunately, they know who is footing their bills...the same place that caused my back injury. I know, without a doubt, if I could go to a dr of my own, I would get some time away from that place, and maybe start to heal. If I want workmans comp to pay I have to do it their way. If I want any chance of surgery working...they need to verify that my discs are cause of sharp burning leg pain and the numbness and tingling that runs half way up my legs now. Since I know they aren't going to give me time off for misery...I know the only chance I have of improving is surgery. I think they are required to give me a day or 2 off for that.

    I get more and more frustrated daily. Thanks for the replies. Susan