Anyone had discomfort after a massage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dorabella, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    I went for what I thought would be a soothing facial on Saturday. My usual therapist wasn't in that day and her replacement proceeded to perform a shoulder and neck massage which included the upper part of my chest below the shoulder blades. I have costo and my ribs were pretty sore that day too, so I stopped her after a couple of minutes.

    Consequently when I woke up Sunday, my neck, back of the head and upper torso have been so stiff and muscles so tender that it was difficult to move without aching discomfort. Instead of relieving TRPs I think the therapist actually triggered them.

    She's also set off my TMJ which has only just calmed down after a bad spell last week!!!

    Anyone else had similar problems after any form of massage?

    Achingly Dorabella
  2. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    the last massage i received made me ill for a couple weeks. this guy went really deep and he had huge hands. i felt really toxic and experienced a terrible histamine response (breaking up the mast cells on muscles releases histamine). over time i've learned that touching and stretching of the muscles ought to be done by someone skilled in trigger point therapy and/or someone who has worked with fibro patients in the past.

    deep massage (ie. rolfing, neuormuscular) is mostly contraindicated for fibro. the best form of massage that i've received is by my acupuncturist and it's called tui-na. it's chinese massage mostly intended to increase circulation and direct energy flow. i've never experienced pain after tui-na. in fact, i can usually count on being pain free for 24-48 hours.

    sorry to hear about your experience. i'd raise the bar. don't be afraid to be picky about who you let touch your body!

  3. Jessa34

    Jessa34 New Member

    I usually go every couple of weeks - for the past four months. My therapist is great and she always starts out light and tells me to stop her if it's too hard. She knows about my FM and doesn't want to hurt me. She also stretches throughout the session, which for some reason makes me feel better after.

    A couple times I didn't have her working on me and the guy just did regular massage, no stretching, and the next couple of days I was more achy and felt lousy.

    The only thing I can offer is to be careful about who works on you, make sure they are aware of your health before they lay a hand on you. There are good therapists around that will listen to you and be careful with your body.

    Even though it gets expensive to go it's been one of the things that I seem to benefit from, so I understand how frustrating it is to feel bad after a massage. I hope you have a better experience in the future.

  4. joanng

    joanng New Member

    The first time I had a massage I was extremely sore for a long time (this was before I knew I had fibro)....the next time I specifically told the therapist that I suffered from fibro (which she knew nothing about (??) but explained about the trigger points and my neck and shoulder issues...she was firm but didn't hurt me and by the time I left her I felt a lot better. One trigger point was sore for a few days but for the most part it really helped especially with my neck and shoulder pain. I would go back to the 2nd therapist if only I could find the time!
  5. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    I won't be seeing that particular therapist again (it wasn't her fault as she didn't know about my condition). My usual therapist is well aware and very good at how she handles me!

    In general I think it depends on what form of massage you have. Standard massage is not the right treatment for us FMers. I've had shiatsu massage which seems to work in the short term.

    Has anyone tried myofascial release? I've heard that this is quite effective for FM muscular discomfort

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