anyone had endoscopy/gastroscopy- advice?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by averilpam, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. averilpam

    averilpam New Member

    I've got my appointment through for a gastroscopy (tube through mouth to stomach)
    It isn't till the 23rd Sept. but I'd like advice from anyone who has had this procedure.

    They said I have an option of a spray to numb the throat, or to be sedated (not anaesthetic, just to make me drowsy and relaxed)

    What would anyone recommend?
    I'm a bit anxious about it so I'm inclined to go for the sedative, but they've said I have to have someone with me to take me home and stay with me 24 hours afterwards.
    I may be able to find someone to help me get home but not to stay with me. I don't think that matters as I had day surgery done and was supposed to have someone to stay the night with me but couldn't and I was fine.

    I'd appreciate any input from people who've had this done.
    Pam xx
  2. spmary

    spmary New Member

    I've had the test several times. Last time The doc gave me a drug in an I V, and I didn't remember a thing. Ask mfor that drug, I don't know the name. I told him before that If I remembered and hated it, I might become th patient from hell. He promised I would not remember, and I didn't. You will have to have someone drive you home. I was fine after I got home. Good luck. Let me know how it goes...Mary
  3. Deanna S.

    Deanna S. New Member

    I had a Gastroscopy about 2 yrs ago. I too was apprehensive about this procedure, but it really was no big deal. What my experience was, and I told my doctor prior to the procedure, that I get very anxious, they give you a sedative such as Verset (I think that's how it is spelled).
    This puts you in a very relaxed state and usually you fall asleep. Prior to that they will spray your throat to numb it so you don't feel the tube. I told my Doctor, that if I feel anything going down my throat I would flip out on him!
    Luckily, my doc was very understanding and acommodating. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to control my swallowing reflex and or that I would choke. Well the procedure went well, I felt nothing. I had a friend drive me home, but found that it wasn't necessary for her to stay. I think the reason they want someone to stay with you is in case you have some kind of reaction, which is rare, (if you were going to react to any of the medication it would be evident while there)

    Ask your Doctor prior to the procedure what his technique is and if your a anxious person like me,tell him your concerns and have both the spray and the sedative. I guess there are brave people out there that can handle just the spray, and not have the sedative, which is ok, but if your a nervous nelly like me, don't go there!! LOL

    I must say, that I worried for nothing, all went well as I said, but if you feel more comfortable with someone being with you afterward, by all means do it. I just went home kept the phone by my bedside and took and little nap. I was good to go a couple of hours later!

    I hope this helps you. Good Luck, I not only hope you fare well with the procedure, but that the outcome is positive.

    Take care & God Bless
    Deanna S.
  4. averilpam

    averilpam New Member

    you've really allayed my anxiety. I won't worry too much about it now till the time comes.

    I'll definitely go for the sedation, the main problem is finding someone who can be around to get me home, but I'll ask around. Most of my friends work, and those that don't also don't have cars, but I guess I can always get a taxi!

    I'll post afterwards. I'm hopeful there won't be anything to find.
    love Pam xx
  5. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I had an endoscopy a few years ago. I was put to sleep with a sedative. That's the only way I would ever have this done. The thought of being awake while they put a tube down my throat gives me the willies......I'm glad you decided to go to sleep. I don't recall any bad effects afterwards either. Good luck!!!!

  6. Lana56

    Lana56 New Member

    I had the procedure done and believe me i am one to say "don't touch me"I told the doctor she would have to get me out of it so i would know nothing.Well she did a great job.I got the throat spray first-no big deal.Then they relaxed me with meds through the IV and i knew NOTHING.The only thing I was aware of was I sort of felt something near my mouth and wondered what it was.I was totally sleeping and didn't even know where I was-very calm.The next thing I knew a nurse was calling my name.Yes you will need a ride home,but you will be ok.Any test makes you tired,but you should be fine when you get home.You let them know what you need.These days there is no reason they can not make you comfortable and meet your needs.I would go through it a million more times-guess you would say it went well for me.Good luck and try to relax. Lana56
  7. todayisagift

    todayisagift New Member

    Do not worry at all. I was so afraid to have mine, the waiting period is the worst. They give you IV sedation. It takes you longer to be prepared then to do anything else!!! You will wake up and be a little scratchy in your throat and that's about it. I hope it all goes well and you are all fine!
  8. It is a piece of cake. They spray your throat and then you don't remember a thing. I told them up front I don't want to know whats going on and I sure didnt!! The worst is the IV for me as they always have trouble finding the right vein! Good luck!
  9. averilpam

    averilpam New Member

    it's so good to get all this reassurance, I really do appreciate it, all of you,

    love Pam xx
  10. KathiM

    KathiM New Member

    I just had the endo last Friday !!!!!!!!

    The worst part was 4 different nurses trying to get IV in as my veins did not want to cooperate !!!!!! After that it was a dont know a thing that went on...
    I woke up asking when they were going to do it!!!!!

    They also had to stretch/dialate my esophagus at the same believe me what you are having is a breeze !!!!!
    Go for it.......dont think twice...but defiantely get the sedation !!!!!!!
    Eat soft foods for 24 hours!!!!!!