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  1. atiledsner

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  2. meowchowchow

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    I used and met my husband! We dated for 3 years and just got married last month. I thought online dating was a great way to meet people and I met someone wonderful, understanding, caring and I'm so in love and happy with!

    Don't give up...he's out there.

  3. getfitat40

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    I used J-date, a jewish matchmaking service, and met the oddest men. One I called the 'stalker' not literally but freaked me out a bit because he was very over bearing. It may have culteral because he was from Israel but wierd. I call one 'cheapstake' because he was and he turned out to be my cousins' husband's brother which helped me understand his issues with $$$ because my cousin's husband is very cheap and very controlling. Last but not least I met a guy who actually wasn't looking for a date but looking for people to join his pyramid scheme.

    Three strikes and I'm out! I know several people who have met their soul mates online and then there are the lucky ones like me who only met goofballs....good luck in whatever you choose to do...I am still lonely...
  4. sues1

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    O.T. Anyone meet their spouse/B.F. online? How did you meet? posted on 01/25/06 01:54 AM

    I posted that last month. Some wonderful stories was posted.
    I have not tried it as I am married and not looking. But it was fun to read. I find it facinating.

    Good Luck......
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  5. NightAngel

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    We met in a chatroom for the mentally ill in May 1998. At first we were just friends, but soon realized we were very drawn to each other. By June 1999 we were married. He is my soul mate and I just adore him and I'm lucky that he feels that way about me AND he accepts me completely even though I'm disabled.

    Don't give up!!!!!!!

    P.S. I was living in NW Arkansas when we met and he was living in South East Central Texas. So don't let distance stop you...
  6. Lolalee

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    I just attended a beautiful wedding this evening and the couple had met at They looked like a perfect match.

  7. EgyptStarr

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    When my fiance' and I met online, he was in a couple of those dating services and had met a few women that way. Some were a little strange, some he formed relationships with, but none lasted. He found me by searching AOL profiles for women in his area. I had just come out of a bad breakup with a boyfriend and wasn't looking for love..... it was the LAST thing I wanted at that point! I had also just moved back to Oklahoma from St.Louis and set up an AOL screen name.

    After creating my profile, which stated that I was now living in Tulsa and I was single, Billy found my profile, liked it, and e-mailed me. When I opened the email and read it, I thought he seemed very sweet and genuine. He was online when I read it, so I sent him and Instant Message, and the rest is history!

    We spent a few hours talking online like that, then he talked me into calling him. We spent the next week talking on the phone, sending Instant Messages and emails before I finally felt safe enough to meet him face-to-face and go out with him.

    We had INSTANT chemistry and everything was just SO PERFECT! We had only dated 3 months when my daughter and I moved in with him in June 2004. We've been blissfully happy ever since!

    So the short answer to your question... (OOPS! Too late! LOL).... no, I have never tried one of those services, but I am engaged to someone I met online, so I'm an advocate of online dating!

  8. kdeenak

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    I met my husband in October 2004 on We were married in November. I met quite a few frogs before I met my prince, but there are some good guys there. This is the only website I have tried.
  9. aquabugs

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    Not through a dating service though. I met him when I was spending time chatting online years back. We began to talk in the chatroom and struck up a friendship that gradually blossomed into love. We have been together 10 years, married for 6...he's the love of my life.

    Something to keep in mind....sometimes people freak out about meeting nuts and perverts online. It's can meet plenty of them if you are not careful. BUT the same thing is true in "Real Life." You can also meet goofballs, downright nuts, stalkers, creeps and genuinely nice guys at the grocery store, library, mall, bars and church. You just have to be careful and use good judgement when meeting someone online just as you would meeting someone in a so-called more conventional way.

    You'll find someone...when you least expect it. Life is sweet that way!

  10. aldejavu79

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    I was on for almost 2 years, i met alot of nice guys, but in the ned they were just looking for a one night stand. I finally found the love of my life on yahoo personals, and it is the most amazing thing. Alot of my college friends have met their fiances and or husbands online. Its the new wave of dating!!Go for it


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