Anyone had Restless Leg Syndrome?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by windblade, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. windblade

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    It started up for me 2 weeks ago - and by now having my sleep constantly broken up, and feeling sleep deprivation from constantly having to move my legs is affecting me badly emotionally and physically.

    I did some research - and see there could be so many causes. Low magnesium, low iron, low folic acid, low potassium, diabetes, etc.

    Has anyone had this, and did you take any tests, or have results from anything?


  2. windblade

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    Thank you for so much good information! I started with raw, organic sunflower seeds, Rain.

    The holidays are a stressful time for me, plus the torn ligament injury. There were many times where I didn't have enough strength to get to the kitchen, so started keeping cashews and almonds by my bed, and ate too much of them. Also missed my reg. supplements.

    Also I've been doing peroxide soaks with Epsom Salts which has a lot of magnesium in it. I'm wondering if the excess magnesium got out of balance with other minerals. Going to switch to sea salt instead.

    Rainbow - there is so much good information here that I will use it as a checklist. I'm going to make an appt. with my Dr. too, since he's very aware of nutrition, is a CFS specialist, and maybe I'll get some tests done.

    Jam - I'm going to go back over the iron #'s on my last test, and also check my vitamin amount.

    Thank you both for such prompt answers - it's so helpful - and the feeling of support so valuable.

  3. windblade

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    ....almost completely. And back to sleeping well.

    I also found that RLS can be caused by food allergies - and I had been eating lots of cashews and almonds. Too many. That was the only thing that I had added to my diet.

    I rested up well - took about 5 days to get back to "normal" sleep patterns, and find relief from RLS.

    I ate well, de-stressed, and balanced back my supplements - especially minerals.

    Also stopped Epsom salts, (a lot of magnesium), will use sea salts instead in the peroxide soak I'm using for a torn ligament.

    Also found out RLS could be a sign of diabetes, so will have an insulin test as soon as possible.

    Thanks Rain and Jam for all your info.!
  4. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Will be checking that out also - glad you shared your experience.

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    I am not a doctor, but it doesn't sound to me like you had RLS. It doesn't just clear up. It's a neurological disorder and while iron supplements, magnesium as well as Conventional Medications such as Mirapex, help the symptoms, the condition is still there and will still flare up from time to time despite taking the above precautions. You also need to be on the supplements/medications longer to reduce RLS symptoms.

    RLS is not just about having a few jerks of the legs when falling asleep.

    That being said, I am certainly not disputing the fact that something was certainly disrupting your sleep and that you were miserable. Good idea to see your doctor about your concerns.

    Take care.