Anyone Had the ASI Saliva Test?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    The Homeopatic, Nutritional, Chiropratic Doctor that I saw has ordered a lot of test one is the ASI Saliva x 4 Test is anyone familiar with this test or had it?

    I am doing it today and will go tomorrow to the hospital for blood labs..

    I was very impressed with him and hope when all the test come back he and I will know what is going on and if there is a treatment plan..I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me and seemed so understanding and I hope will be helpful...With all the labs I will surely know something..

    God BLess,
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    And yes, I've felt they were very helpful, especially if your doctor knows what to do with the information.

    The first one I took told me my cortisol was on hyper-overdrive, but that I'd already blazed right through my body's supply of DHEA-s. The doctor was able to 'shut off' the overdrive with Seriphos.

    A couple of years later, the ASI confirmed that I was running low on cortisol completely, and this was somewhat confirmed by the FFC and blood testing later -- I'm on supplemental cortisol daily.
  3. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    It's great that you're going to a homeopathic, chiro. They can be very knowledgeable.

    I had this test done about 3 weeks ago. It confirmed what I wanted to see and that was that my levels were elevated at all times except 7-8am. This is actually good because we know that my body is under great stress from toxins and yu want those levels to be elvated and not underactive, so it was a good thing considering. I'm sure we'll be keeping an eye on it.

    Some people are severely low and have to go on tiny doses of cortisol. That's not a bad thing if your doc knows what he's doing. There a great book out there if you're interested. It's called "Safe Doses of Cortisol" by, W. Mck Jefferies, M.D.

    Hope this helps,

  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for your input. I had never heard of these test.. I am anxious for the results and then see where I go from there..

  5. Steviegal

    Steviegal Member

    I've had a couple of saliva tests, but the last one I had I bought online from Clymer Healing Research Center. I'm not "pushing" their test, but it was all in all a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for a new doctor locally. They send the kit to you and then it goes to Diagnos-Techs, Inc. and then they send YOU the results and included in Clymer's price is a 20 minute phone consult (which I haven't done yet).

    What impressed me the most was that the print out from Diagnos-Techs was extremely thorough, with lots of charts, explanations, where you fall in relation to normal levels of cortisol, DHEA, Insulin fasting levels, progesterone, salivary SIgA, and Gliadian AB, SigA and a detailed plan of treatment with supplements, etc. I was really blown away how comprehensive it was for the price as I've gotten to the point that I've had to take responsibility for my own healing and the research that goes with it.

    It was obvious that my adrenals are still not working properly, but I'm one of those that can't take the hydrocortizone pills (even compounded ones). So, that's left the natural way only (and the spiritual healing power of God) as my road of choice. The report details examples of Cortisol Augmentation as well as using natural substances, which I found extremely helpful.

    My primary care physician is a nice lady, but completely clueless, my Naturopath moved away and the local FFC clinic I'm on my own for the moment.

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