Anyone had the Bowen Q-RiBb antigen test for Lyme?

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    I was reading about the Bowen Q-RiBb antigen test for Lyme, babesia, and ehrlichia. It stands for quantitative rapid identification of Borrelia Burgdorferi.

    Instead of detecting antibodies, like the western blot, it detects antigens from the actual pathogen. Supposedly it can detect the cell wall deficient form (cystic or L-form) of Bb also.

    The test was developed by Dr Joanne Whitaker from the Bowen Research and Training Institute, which I believe is now called Central Florida Research, inc.

    I have read some opinions questioning whether almost all people would test positive, like how almost all people would test positive for CMV, for example.....except that the CMV would be an IgG antibody showing past infection....and this test detects antigens, not antibodies.

    They claim it is 100% sensitive. We all know that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Or....has there been a break through in Lyme research???

    According to the Central Florida Research Inc website, they test blood samples from all over the world. Tests must be ordered by a physician/healthcare practitioner. Insurance does not cover the test, and the test must be prepaid. Each test ranges from $250-$500.

    Has anyone on this board had this Q-RiBb test done? If so, was it just for lyme, or were you also tested for other tick-borne diseases? Could you please share your results and opinion?

    I will also post this on the lyme board.
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