Anyone have a child with CFS/FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. lenasvn

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    My son is 7. I wonder what the initial signs have been for those who had a child who developed CFS/FM in childhood.

    I don't know if this makes any sense, but I "sense" my son will develop this stuff too. Mothers instinct? I don't know. My mother sensed I would develop the same health problems (not recognized as FM in late 60's) she had. Unfortunately she was right. I can't go on my own history as a child since I had other severe health problems that would mask any initial development of CFS/FM.

    I am not hypochondriacing on my sons behalf here. I want to be aware as time passes. He seem to recover from viruses slower than other kids, and after the last bout of viral infection he have been so sleepy for SO long. He sleeps more and ASKS to go to bed in the evening. He have recovered, but yet- not. This is just one thing among more subtle things one can pick up as a parent. This is one of the things that went on with me as a kid, many infections, sick alot, many fevers, UTI's etc.

    Anyone here has a child/ young teen with CFS/FM?
  2. lenasvn

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    bumping for self :)
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    got CFS/Fibro after glandular fever at 15. She was always ill since a baby, fevers, viruses, infections, things that werent even around like whooping cough and she'd get it.

    She's now 29 and managed to have a life, she finished her education, married, has a good job and hopes to have a family soon though there have been complications there too.

    It's been a struggle for her and still is, she has to be so careful but she hasnt been disabled by it like I have been and for that I am really thankful.

    I hope you're son will be okay lena, I can understand why you are worried. Maybe you could have him checked out by doctor.

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    what do you mena by gloopy eyes? droopy eye lid, type thing? Looking tired on the eye? This one is a big one (for me). please respond if you read this.


    I recognise what you're saying. I think this is how it was for me. I was fine for a very long time. I hope this is only me, but it finally took over and hit me with wengeance after pushing too hard for too long ( working long and hard, working while sick, raising children by myself, etc). I wonder so if life would have been calm if you know what I mean, I would have stayed in a state that I could handle, that was manaegable.
  5. lenasvn

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    Oh, yuk! I know what you mean, and yuk.
    Yawn, I need some coffee,,,
  6. karinaxx

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    he is not yet officially diagnosed, in the process.
    i am sure he has it and it is dificult to say what is the first sign, since onset can bee so difrent in its expression, as are the many symptoms we all have.
    But if you want expert information than you can check out the website, which is in my view the most informative for kids with ME/cfids. UK based.
    I am in contact with Jane Colby , who is the director and a very helpfull person.

    Needing more sleep than other children is one thing which could point into this direction.
    In our case there were many other signs and symptoms, the strongest: the unexplained stomage problems again and again.
    good luck karina

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