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    I have been seeing the same Rhuem. for past 15 years. Have been in a bad flare-up since x-mas and ready to try another opinion/treatment. (Diagnosed with FMS, CFS, Hypo-thyroid, IBS)

    I am in northwest NJ. Anyone have any suggestions? I really appreciate all the love & support you all give share so freely.

    PS: I recently talked to someone who told me about another cure!! I haven't received this magic potion yet, but when I try it I will you let you all know how it goes. It some kind of sea kelp stuff from Japan. I am ready to try anything (that I already haven't).

    Love to All - Laurie
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    There is a purple link at the top of this page that says 'Docter Referral'-try that first. If that doesn't work put it in the 'search message board' at the top of this page. You can also to other fibro sites, such as 'Fibromyalgia Network' & they have listings as well.
    Take care,