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  1. stinker56

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    I need something that doesn't take a lot of time to prepare because I have trouble standing at the stove or preparing something complicated. I was hopeing that someone would have a good standby recipe that I could try. Anything with simple ingredients would be great.
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    I was having a group of women over and wanted something easy to prepare. I asked for suggestions on another forum I frequent and here are a couple of the ideas.

    Take boneless chicken breasts and place in a baking dish. Cover with 1-2 jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce(Prego works well). Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hr. or until done. Top with shredded mozzerella and bake for 15 more minutes.
    That's all there is to this and it's yummy!

    Easy Chili- Brown 2lbs. of ground beef with one large chopped onion. Drain meat and onions and add 2 packages of Williams chili seasoning or any other brand of seasoning. (Just check the package to make sure that each package seasons 1lb. of meat.)Add 2 cans of tomato soup and 4-5 cans of kidney beans. A combo of light and dark kidney beans works nicely. Heat thoroughly. Can be served with cheese or crackers to go with it.

    I hope whatever you decide to make is extra yummy!!
  3. sues1

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    Brown one lb. of ground beef, salt and pepper to taste, with a small onion and one and a half to two cups of cut up celery (bite size). Drain.

    ADD: I can of tomato soup and one can of mushroom soup and mix.

    Add 3/4 of a can of chow mein noodles. Mix into the above and put in a casserole dish. Put remaining Chow Mein noodles on top. Can add a little water if necessary.

    Bake 350 degrees up to a hr. Just keep eye on it! LOL.

    My husband likes a little chili powder in this dish, I do not.

    You can double the recipe easily. I have people call me and asked how I made this dish. Very popular with my family and friends. ENJOY
  4. Grandma6

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    I don't know if you were aware that 2painful4words started a thread a week or so ago titled, "Thread for our favorite Holiday recipes". There are 5 pages of recipes. I have one on there for BBQ Meatballs that I almost always take to church suppers because you can mix it up the night before and then bake it the next day. There are a lot of other good recipes also.
    Just put in Grandma6 and user name in the search at the top of the boards and it should take you there, (my recipes are on page 5).

    Here's another favorite one I take to church suppers that is very easy to make.



    2 lbs. hamburger
    1 can chili with beans
    1 can chili without beans
    1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes
    1 lb. Velveeta cheese
    1 sm. carton sour cream
    1 big bag of tortilla chips

    Brown meat and crumble and drain of any grease. Put meat in a large pot and mix in chilies and Ro-Tel tomatoes. Heat until real hot. Cube up cheese and add the cheese and sour cream. Heat until melted. Serve in soup bowl over tortilla chips.


    My family likes to use this as a dip instead of putting the chips in a bowl. When my son was in college, (he was a drama/musical major), he would make this to take to their cast parties after a play and it was a big hit with all the college students.

    Have a fun time at your church function. I know some of the best recipes I have are ones I have gotten from church suppers. There seems to be an abundance of good cooks in our church.

  5. suzetal

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    You will need a package of crescent rolls .One whole cooked chicken breast.Cut up into chunks,I buy a whole chicken cooked at my grocers.

    Two envelopes of white sauce mix and Dijon mustard. And a package of frozen veggies what ever you like.And 2 chicken bouillon cubes.

    Thaw the veggies ,

    Make the sauce takes 2 minutes to thicken.

    Add Dijon musted to taste about 2 tbl. spoons and 2 chicken bouillon cubes to sauce mix till cubes melt. remove
    from heat.

    Cut up chicken ,add sauce and veggies mix together in large bowl ,place in 9/11 bacing dish or as close as you have. Roll out your crescent rolls place on top.

    Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes till golden brown.

    Sounds hard but not.

    Takes me a total of 10 min. to put together and 15 to bake.

    Every one loves this dish. I bring it to all the pot luck suppers.

    Good luck Sue

    PS Also looks great.
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  6. kat-E

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    Mexican casserole

    brown 2 lbs ground beef with added onion if you choose

    Put a shallow layer of crumbled Nacho cheese doritos in bottom of 9x13x2 pan

    top doritos with drained ground beef

    pour a can of drained diced rotel tomatoes over beef

    pour a can of drained kidney beans over rotel

    pour a can of cream of mushroom soup over beans

    Slice Velveeta in 1/2 inch thick slices and put over soup

    Top with more whole Doritos - very light layer to cover the cheese

    Bake @ 350* for 30-45 min or til cheese is melted and all ingredients are heated through.

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