Anyone have a hard time with swallowing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. MsBrandywine

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    And feeling like something is in your throat? I posted a few wks ago about it but didnt get only a few responses.
    I did go to the Drs.. she put me on Nexium but that gets stuck. and you're suppose to take that without food. then my antibiotic is capsule too like the Nexium and that feels like it doesnt go down.. so trying to figure out how to get them down me.. Then to top it off my wisdom tooth on the left side is trying to flare up.. its impacted.. and Yes I know I need it out.. but Im so petrified to go get it down.. Guess I have to be put out when I get it done..

    Then there is that.. No one to take me.. Both of my sons work full time.. my two daughter inlaws.. well my oldest sons.. wife. If I can get to where I need to go.. she will pick me up.. at least she did after my trip to the Er by Ambulance in March.. but then is like they just drop me off .. leave and nobody even calls to check on me.. sheesh.. I could be here and fall or anything and its like they forget all about me once Im in my door..

    To get back to the swelling in my throat.. I did google .. impacted wisdom teeth but then got some other thing were other ppl were asking about things feeling stuck in their throat and its like the same exact thing i am doing?
    Some were saying it can be Gerd.. some sinusitis. I sure dont want to have some scope down my throat either.. lol.. Im a mess.. Sheesh.. I hate this..

    My neck hurts like heck.. up the back.. Feel like I get a fever that comes and goes.. There have been fronts.. I think that have been going thru all day.. with this rainy damp weather.. Hopefully tomorrow .. is suppose to be nice. so I hope that helps..
    but anyways. do any of you ever get this feeling in your throat.. and if so.. What do you do for it?
    What are your suggestions.. other then the obvious of going to the Drs!.. I thought maybe a ear, nose and throat dr may find something.. my sinuses are draining too and that doesnt help.. sometimes the phlegm is really thick.. it goes back and forth..
    Also.. one more thing.. I do have mold in my bathroom.. and then up on my ceiling there is black from my roof leaking.. In the process of getting a new roof here shortly.. Hopefully anyways...
    ok well Thank you for any of you that read this and can offer some help.. Hugs, Deb
  2. Empower

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    I can tell you that I have been having troubles with my stomach the last couple of months.
    I went to an gastro doc, and one of the questions he asked me is if I had trouble swallowing.

    Also, I nurse from my insurance company called and we talked about the stomach issues (acid reflux, GERD) and she also asked me if I had trouble swallowing.

    I tried Protonix (proton pump inhibitor) for about 2 1/2 months but it actually made me feel worse, and I did feel like things were stuck in my throat

    I think with the stomach issues, the reflux can cause an irritation of the esophogus.

    Doc wanted me to have the endoscopy and I refused, so I understand why you wouldn't want to have it either.

    Are you having stomach issues?

    Have you had your thyroid checked?
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Oh my gosh you are going thru the wringer.

    first you have got to take your antiboctics. coat them lighty with oil or open them and stir into juice. you have infections going on.
    think the problem sounds like the phlegm and infection going down your throat. did your doctor do a throat culture possible strep?

    i get the trouble swallowing in fact i think i answered your last post.
    do you take guaif? please get this treated. my dad ended up with a tube down his throat due to build up of thick phelgm.

    MOLD how long has this been there? mold can be toxic! this could be where your problems are coming from. try calling your board of health. tell them you are diabled aND need help asap

    kids can i say kick them where it hurts? shame on them

    hugs and let us know how you are very concerned jenny
  4. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I have been having some stomach issues .. been going back and forth with either real loose stools and then feeling slightly constipated. Sometimes up to the top of my stomach.. Would feel full but then feel like Im hungry.. lol.. Sheesh..

    I just had a half a cup of ice cream.. thinking that it would feel good.. which it did.. and its the one with the calcium and Vitamin D3.. Its the Turkey Hill ice cream.. light.. .. then I have been sipping at a bottle of cold ice water and for some reason it seemed to help it a tad bit.. must be the cold helps too..
    I was diagnosed with the Gerd but yrs ago.. I'm going to be calling my Dr in the morning and asking for a throat culture too.. Oh and Yes.. I am on Synthroid too.. 100 mcgs
    I know that I have to call the one Dr that I go to for that.. well I did see her last yr but then when I moved out of town.. I didnt continue but think I better go have her check my throat. for I have had 2 ultrasounds on my thyroid.. and she found nodules.. so.. Hope I didnt do something to them. or aggravate them from when I almost choked a few wks ago.. seems like thats when all of these problems started.. but .. I was having some Gerd going on too with my coffee and once in awhile if I used peanut butter on my light english muffin.. so.. guess that is something to check out too..
    Thank you for replying back to me.. I appreciate it.. Hugs, Deb~
  5. spacee

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    I can offer no wisdom except to say...Have no fear of that tube going down. I know I was panicking right before they did it. The nurse had to hold my hand...but those drugs they gave me were heavenly...snicker. Almost worth doing it again!

  6. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    and feel as though there is a lump in my throat for years. Two different Dx's. Physical therapist says it's due to a cervical instability, due to a prior injury. The anterior muscles along the throat area are not "firing up". They have become very lax. I'm supposed to do exercises to strengthen them. However they are very tedious so I don't do them! My Dr. says that Dx is nonsense. He thinks I have bone spurs pressing on my esphogus. So who knows? I do choke a lot and food gets stuck mid way swallowing. What a drag! Jeanne
  7. 2sic2mooov

    2sic2mooov New Member

    Yes, have had that feeling for years. They always attributed it to tiny growth in thryroid but then that was taken out years ago. The past 8 months have been going through lots of gastro stuff that involved an incredible feeling of having stuff stuck in throat and not being able to swallow. Then it became very painful wen the "attacks" started causing spasms that really felt like chest pain and cardiac trouble. They did finally scope me and saw some sort of white blood cell attack on the esophagus that was causing inflammation and spasming (Really feels like you are having labor in your chest cavity!). Docs thought it might be an allergic response to some food so testing was done but they didn't find a food allergen. They basically said that something is causing a sensitivity that produces inflammation. It could be something I am drinking, eating, breathing, etc. Basically, they didn't help at all. Told me to take Prilosec. Tried to use a steriod inhaler kind of "shot" down the throat the attack the inflammation directly, but I responded poorly to this. So, what I did was keep track of what I ate and the symptoms that followed. For many months i have been eating a lot of the same bland foods like fruit cocktail, eggs, wasa toast, plain chicken breast, applesauce, some other canned fruits, etc. Was also considering the possibility of gluten intolerence, so i cut out all wheat, sugar, dairy and anything containing caffeine (even chocolate) and alcohol. Docs say this can cause the reflux or what they call GERD. It took me a long time to believe it wasnt something that was KILLING me. It took months for it all to just settle down and i am very careful still. I also chew a lot of gum to keep the acids working on the food and not allowing them to sit.
    I also believe in my case some of the problem is from laying down a LOT and having a sluggish digestion. We have placed 5 inch wood blocks under our headboard area to raise it up and allow gravity to help keep the food moving. Some use of pepto bismal also. I wonder if you also have sinus drainage if keeping yourself at a sitting position more would help. i prop myself way up with MANY pillows to hold me up. (Hubby jokes that he cant even FIND me in our bed because of all the pillows:). I would rather be more comfortable laying down to rest, but often find myself waking up in middle of nigh still propped up like a ragdoll
    Dont know if this helps you at all, but go ahead and do the testing to rule out other swallowing problems or esopogeal issues. I had the tube testing done twice this summer and didnt bother me at all...I was more concerned with finding an answer.

    Take care Deb. I am in the same husband has taken off so much work over the years for my doc appointments and I get help from one daughter some, but i hate to mess up her schedule. Many times i just leave things go because I dont want to ask for help AGAIN! My mom has since told me to call community center and church to see if they have volunteers to do driving such as this. They will maybe have drivers but they use your vehicle or just pay for gas if they use their own. I havent gotten to that point yet, but since I have stopped driving due to many symptoms and no trust in myself at this time to operate any machine bigger than my washer (hee hee)----asking for outside help may be in my near future.. It is hard to ask for help so much....
  8. I don't know if anyone has ever been on prescription digestive enzymes, but, there is one called Viokase, which I was to take *12* a day of. If anyone has taken augmentin (I think it was) a very large white pill, (hubby was on, before surgery for sinus infection/sleep apnea, etc)... these enzymes were even longer than those monster pills..

    ALSO, they were the texture of a pumice stone/dull sandpaper- no joke.

    One of my MS friends, was a highly educated Nurse Practitioner, who at one time, took care of little children, with Cystic Fibrosis, I guess they too have to take those enzymes (I CANNOT FATHOM THAT!!!!)

    ANYWAYS- she told me to put the pills in PUDDING- and so help me god... even with those humongous pills, it worked like a CHARM!

    Ice cream can work also, especially since those Viokase pills were the only pills I've EVER seen with that *texture*, also the largest pills I've ever seen, to this day...

    That's still basically taking your pills on an empty stomach, just a little bit will do for nexium.

    I have numerous 'different' problems, pertaining to swallowing, and choking on food, pills & food getting stuck... I see a neuro (have for 6 yrs,)... but, also, the last time I went to IU Medical Center, for pancreatitis, again...

    The doctor said the next time I came, not only would they admit me, to 'observe' an attack, with my pancreas, then run a scope again..

    But, for the swallowing- he said they'd run a tube DOWN MY NOSE, to try to figure out why, & what was going on there.

    I choke sometimes on my own saliva! But, almost ALWAYS on 'breaded' things, breads, crackers, *breaded chicken* (say fast food sandwiches, french fries, etc..

    No matter how much liquids I try to drink... I was so bad at one time, I had to take a drink, hold it in my mouth, take a small bite of food, (again, it was a chicken item), and then another drink... try to chew, & not choke on the liquid.. and swallow.

    I am right NOW, having the feeling of my throat being "stuck" to itself... so to speak... weird, I know, unless you've experienced it yourself... but, it's like I've swallowed, and my throat did not fully open back up..

    I have had bouts of this also: when I swallowed food before... I got such SEVERE 'spasms' that, it was like I'd eaten glass shards, I could feel the food, going all the way to my stomach, and from my throat, to my stomach, I would get these excrutiating KNIFE-like, 'spasms'... TERRIBLY painful...

    the FIRST time that happened... it lasted FOURTEEN HOURS! and, I tried COLD liquids, then 'luke warm', then HOT coffee... then I took a hot shower... NOTHING helped... I tried stomach drugs (prescription, AND OTC, I always have an arsenol), and also muscle relaxer... NOTHING stopped it. I was terrified, but, also afraid of literally losing my sanity, from the misery... even my SALIVA, I would STILL get about five spasms. Like I was swallowing knives, and getting stabbed all the way down.

    Thank GOD, I have only had that a couple more times, and never again for FOURTEEN hours.

    Anyways, I hope all these can help ya... gastro's do seem to take more notice, even though *I've* been diagnosed with MS, and my neuro DID write it in my chart... the gastro in Indy, said they'd admit me for 'however long it takes' to 'witness' my pancreas attacks, and also, as I said- put a tube down my NOSE, to try to figure out why I choke..

    Take care, all...

    Oh, also, regarding the person that took Protonix... I was put on that at first, along with the Viokase... and, OMG- I LITERALLY had thee WORST gas pain... from my pelvis, into the top of my chest! PURE agony. I was told to stop it, and increase those enzymes, (from 9, to 12).

    (oh, and, I'm *now* diagnosed with: erosive gastritis, duodenitis, chronic pancreatitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac's disease (getting ready to have bloodwork sent off to a lab, to test for 95 different food allergies, by my primary doc)

    I haven't been scoped since 2003, (previously in 2000, both scopes showed NOTHING)... oh,, and the gastro at IU, (dec 07') again asked me about Crohn's disease. (YAY!)

    Also, google ALL of your meds, PLEASE- read ALL of the side effects... MORPHINE (MSContin, MSIR) is *one* of many drugs, that lists trouble swallowing, as a side effect...

    God Bless,


  9. star273

    star273 New Member

    Yes, I have had this and it scares the heck out of me. I do have trouble with my stomach and ther acid also. I take over the counter Zantac and that helps alot. Here is the other thing. When I went to my Dr. for the same thing, he asked me if I was stressed. Well of course I always am. I hurt all the time and I have alot of anxiety. Have had many panic attacks too. Have you had any of this trouble. Anyway, he told me to put a xanax under my tongue and let it dissolve, tastes gross, but worth it all. It does the trick for me. He said I was getting so stressed that my throat would spasm and close up. I also have alot of mucus. I take sudafed and also use the saline solution everytime I walk by it sitting on the counter. It helps keep the phlem down. Hope this helps, you might want to try it....
    Good luck
  10. jole

    jole Member

    I've had this for the past 3-4 years, and like you, don't want scoped....I have no ins. and simply can't afford it until my medicare kicks in.

    This has been particularly scarey for me because my FIL died of esophageal cancer....his first symptoms were of having trouble swallowing, and feeling as though food was getting caught about half way down.

    I not only have problems swallowing pills, but sometimes food as well. Sometimes it's as though I have a "pouch" or something at the base of my throat that just catches the pills and no amount of water will wash them out and down.

    Other times my throat spasms and doesn't allow anything down....hurts terribly, and I usually just have to quit eating. I have found out that I simply cannot drink ice cold, or even refrigerated water because that just makes matters worse.

    I always have to eat a few bites of bread or something solid with my pills to get them down....if not, they stay stuck in my throat for up to an hour, and I do worry about erosion due to the meds disolving there.

    No, you are not alone!! Best of luck to you***Jole***
  11. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    A lot of people with ME/CFS/Fibro have, as an added non-treat, peristaltic issues such as you describe.

    Some say they've even had plain old water get "stuck" and it can hurt before finally moving in the right direction.

    That might be the problem.

    It could also have to do with sinus infections, your wisdom tooth, or several other things.

    What does your dr say about this?


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