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    Hi Guys:

    Just wondering if anyone has a hearing with the Appeals Judge now in September. I had mine in July and it was successful. Still waiting to get me back pay and monthly check but it should be coming in soon.

    Since so many of you were so supportive of me, I want to return in kind. Would like to add you to my monthly prayer list and also cheer you on !!!!

    Tender Hugs,

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    Dear Regina:

    You can go to your hearing with faith that if you have all the documentation necessary to prove your case and the judge sees the sincerity that you are truly in physical and/or mental pain and you really would rather be working than being sick in bed all day, you will win your case at this level.

    Almost everyone with FM and CFS wins at the Appeals level. I have read that some have won on the first phase or at the reconsideration phase, but it is not the norm.

    I won my case in front of the judge on a bench approval which is not that usual. I had so much evidence and the day I went I was a wreck with alot of pain that you could see it in my face. The judge believed me and when I cried at the end, real hearfelt tears he gave me a bench aproval right there. Someone else here on this board got a bench approval too so I hope the same happens to you.

    If not, the judge can take up to 60 or 90 days to send you his decision. If the decision is favorable you will receive within 30 to 60 days after that your benefit statement stating how much you will recieve a month and how much re-tro back pay you will get. if any.

    I as you worked since the age of 16 right through college and up until 3 years ago. This counts alot in front of the eyes of the judge.

    One last thing, be sure to go to the hearing with very little or no makeup at all, no jewelry, no flashy clothes. Play down; a neat shirt and slacks is fine. If you do not feel well show it but don't overdo it, the judge will see right through that.

    Regina, I wish you all the luck in the world. I know how important this is for you, it is your means of support for what could be many years to come unless you get alot better and would like to go back to work.

    As I said before I will pray for you and of course it is in Gods hands, but a little nudge here and there might help.

    Please let me know how it went on the 7th Sept.

    God Bless,

    Soft hugs,
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    for others who have hearings
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    Please bump constantly for all those who have hearings and may not see this.

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    Your grandmother is a wise woman. God Bless her too.

    Your hearing is around the corner, so I leave you with this affirmation:

    "In the area of my finances, I am always prosperous. As I give to life, life gives to me in abundance. AMEN.

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    Dear Regina:

    You can find the answers you are looking for in my thread titled: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I WON MY SSD TODAY

    Go to the search box, type it in exactly as I have written by: Title and GO. I outline everything that happened in court that day. I hope it will help you.

    I looked at you Bio. You are very very special. Look at my bio, we are both April - Aries. What a coincidence, or is it?


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    Dear Regina:

    My mom's birthday is April 2 and she and I are very very close. We adore each other, that is until her mind starting going with Alzheimers.

    She is in a Rest Home nearby and I see her at least 3 to 4 times a week. It saddens me that her mind wanders and sometimes she gets irritable and confronting. I know its part of the illness but it breaks my heart when she accuses me of doing things like stealing from her or hiding things away so she can't find them. It takes a toll on my health but we know God never abandons us.

    Good Night,

    One more thing, no I don't know this new rocker from England who is like Janis Joplin. She most be very good because no one has ever been anything like Janis. I loved the song: Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz, my friends all have Porches I most make ammends......... so Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. How cool.
    I am going to investigate this young singer.


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    just a tip, i had my alj 7/8/04, i was told by my attorney we won our case, but we had to accept a closed case that ended on 7/8/04, meaning he thought i was good enough to go back to work. it from that date to january 20,2005 to get my money. ifound out my going in to my atm machine at the bank. i thought there was an error at the time, and the front doors were locked so i couldn't ask anyone where the $16,700 was from.

    then i received a letter in the mail about 2-3 weeks later. i was not complaining about the money because i was almost two months behind in rent praying this was going to come time, and it did. my banking part was done out of balitmore, that is younger aged ssdi claims. so i hope you can get your money sooner.

    have you sent off to have a congressional inquiry done? that will help expidite the process. so it isn't sitting in a big stack of files somewere.

    call them to start the inquiry if you havent done it already. then i hope you will have it before the holidays.
    that will be such a joyus occasion and you will have your medicard coming soon as well.

    i refiled again so i had my congressman send me a letter to fill out in ro regards to my cases, they still owe memony form the last case for my son. so they are looking into that for me to see what the hang up is/the open case is intial phase and that was sfiled in 2/20/05. back dated to the last day i work, so that is taking way too long so now my senator lynn woolsey is getting her office involved, they said the hung me out to dry on my closed case, but i want every one to get those congression inquiry going to there local reps to help us all sooner they can;t make the decsion, but they can expidte the process alot sooner, becasue ervery month you need that check even more.

    and keep calling you local office to see if there has been any new informaiton.

    i will let you guys no how this is going to help me during my approval process. hopefully at the intial phase would be wonderful,since i alreadady a won a case but it is closed. before i coould even do trial work period i, would be having benefits now but never had the opportunity to try. left out to drt. this time i will prevail! we have to think posistive.

    i pray for everyone's speedy case and paperwork to the final check.


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