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  1. donna13210

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    Okay, you guys validated my "pin-prick sensations" when I thought I was the only one who had them.

    Now I have a good one for you: I HEAR MUSIC IN MY HEAD ALL THE TIME. I MEAN A-L-L THE TIME! It never stops, it is blaring a different song every morning when I wake up, and music is going through my head right now as I type this post. Always different songs. Okay, don't laugh, but some mornings I wake up to the theme song from "Hello, Dolly" or it can be the French National Anthem (which I learned in High School decades ago). Or it could be Bon Jovi, or a military song......Never predictable. I hate it when I wake up hurting and sleepy and irritable and my head is playing "Oh, what a beautiful morning......."!!!

    This is NOT having heard a song and having it stuck in your head for the next few hours. That happens to everyone. What I experience is 24/7, and I believe it interferes with my concentration.

    I read a small paragraph about it once. An elderly woman went in to have her hearing aids checked because she said they were picking up music and songs and playing them in her head. The article called it "musical hallucinations". Ever heard of it?

    I mentioned this to a phsychiatrist once, and she cocked her head to one side and looked at me like I was.....well, you know what.

    If NONE OF YOU have this then I will know I am ready to be committed. (Kidding)

    Thanks for listening,
  2. kredca4

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    Gee I thought it was just me, hmmmm, yet another piece f the Puzzle?

    I was raised around Music, been involved in Music most of my Life, so I just thought it was because , like in the Movie's, how they have Background music? Well I just thought of the Music in my Head as the Background Music to my Life.

    Have you ever turned on the Radio and they were Playing the same song you had going in your Head? I do that a Lot, spooks the Hubby when I happen to be singing a song and then the Radio comes on and its the same, he already thinks I'm Weird. lol.

    Way before Music Viedo's came out, I use to see Music, I could Visualize scene's in my Mind to fit the Song.
    I took a Class back in the 80's on Slide show Prestation's, using Slides to go with a Song to tell the Story. We had to do a Story board and everything, what a Blast, got an "A", I used the song "I Believe" and I still have it, the slide and the Viedo.
    Maybe I'll get back to doing some Slide work, maybe a story on these Syndromes, I did one on the Homeless in Long BEach, and it turned out ok.

    But who would I show it too?

    Support groups? Doctor's, yeah right, would love to though.

    I wonder if the FMS has anything to do with this, it is a Syndrome in which we are Highly Sensitive to a host of thing's, so why not Music in the Head.

    I have a Karakoe System, and sometimes do show's, it seem's that the Last song of the night would be the One that would stay there all night. So I started making it a part of the Show that I do the last song, at least it'll be one I like, lol.

    "Honey I'm Home" use to be one that drove me crazy, darn , there it goes again. lol

    I will ask my Rhumologist on Friday, if she has had anyone else mention this.

  3. Fibromiester

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    Yes, Verify what you are saying. I think I understand what you mean. Let me ask: Do you hear MUSIC Played to you? Or a song w/MUSIC & WORDS being sung {other than your own}? OR do you hear a song that you kind of sing along with?
    It may be a form of Tinnitis , although I'm not sure what type of Dr. to see. It's very interesting, but I'm sure Frustrating! And Anything goes with this DD, right!?
    If it is the type of "song being played to you", then maybe someone will come along and advise as to the type of Dr. to see...or do a search, above, type in "tinnitis", and see what pops up. I'm no expert- just suggesting.
    Good Luck & God Bless
  4. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member

    I'm impressed! You can show your Music Slide Shows to All of Us! A Great excuse to get off the 'puters and see each other!
    You have a wonderful gift!
    Fibromiester :)
  5. KarenL47520

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    We have gone to bed at night and I would hear what I thought was the TV, commentairy that drones on and on. I would ask him, did you leave the TV on?? Even thou he would tell me no, I would have to get up and check, try to track down what the heck the noise was coming from. Yuppers, I have that too. Mine ranges from TV commentairy that goes on and on, music, and God forbid evening mentioning it, at times I hear conversations. Lord this is maddening is it not??
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The constant slight seizure state in our brains. My Klonopin always helps get rid of those instrusive tunes.

    Love, Mikie
  7. jkd7058

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    Actually I hear the same thing you do. I first noticed it when I'd turn off the TV to go to bed and I'd hear what I would discribe as a radio/TV with the sound just low enough that I can't make out the words but could "hear" the inflections in the speaker' voice. At first I'd get out of bed to see what had been left on. I'd walk through the house trying to find out what I'd left on. Nothing! Now I notice it any time I don't have a TV or radio playing. But this only happens in the quite house not out side or when I'm in the car.

    So strange!
  8. Copper2002

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    I'm soooo glad to see this post! I discovered aprox 20 yrs ago that I wasn't the ONLY one, but I always thought it had to do with having a musical nature, you know, like something that is a norm for musical people. Shoot, Never even entertained that it might be due to FMS. Gosh, I HOPE not! I kinda liked that it was just further testament to my musical genious. LOL! I always just thought it was something I was blessed with, and less fortunate people were not.

    I don't know WHAT I would do if my meds had shut it off!?! I used to use it to practice lyrics as a teen, and I've always said deafness wouldn't be SOOOOOOO bad because, at least, I'd always have my music. Funny how a blessing for one is a nuisance to another.

    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances
  9. amuzyka

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    Don't think people are crazy hearing music all the time, and especially if you love music...making slide shows for music is a very good idea..."music is love in search of a word". Never thought of it as being part of FMS, if so, consider yourself blessed-I listen to music all day and night. It is a good thing for me and thank God for music and all that music has done for me.

    You are not crazy, far from that, so relax and use it for being a positive side of your life.

  10. babyblues68

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    I thought I was the only one!!! I've had this for a long time. I finally told my shrink. She said it's probably from not getting enought sleep and kinda brushed it off. I didn't say anything else to her about it after I would get a restful night sleep, because I still had it. I thought I was going crazier than I already was.

    I would wake my husband up in the middle of the night....don't you hear that radio?..."NO"...finally he would say...yes dear so he could go back to sleep. I've searched the whole house trying to find where this sound was coming from. No where but in my head.

    Thank you for posting this. I'm not alone.

  11. Dara

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    going on. To me it sounds like a "background music", like there's a radio or TV plaing somewhere in the house. It always happens to me at night when there's no other sounds going on. I thought maybe it had something to do with OCD, but now I don't think so. So, you are not going crazy, at least not alone anyway.

  12. FibroNan

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    My mother is 85 yrs. old and does NOT have FMS and about a year or so ago started hearing music in her head. I'd find her wandering around the house looking for the source. I had to get her to understand that it was inside her head. If she goes in the bathroom and turns on the exhaust fan, the music gets louder. She says that it is mostly older songs that she grew up with and old church hymns. Sometimes it's songs like "Happy Birthday to You" or "Jingle Bells". She has no control over which song she is hearing and she can be listening to music on TV and hearing an entirely different song in her head. We took her to the dr. and they did an MRI and other tests which showed nothing except the evidence of prior mini strokes she's had. Glad to hear that she's not alone in this.
  13. MaryCecelia

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    Like others who've replied, I thought this was just because I've always been involved in music & love it. Plus, I assumed most people were this way, but I bet not. It doesn't happen constantly, & some days it's more than others & becomes annoying; however, as you said, it's the worst when you awaken hearing a cheery song when you feel awful.
  14. Pisces2526

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    I hear music and also chimes that sound just like the ones on my alarm clock. It stopped when I had my psychiatrist play with my bipolar meds a little bit. For the longest time I was afraid to tell anyone because I thought they would lock me up or drug me into unconsciousness. When I told my doctor he wasn't surprised at all. He said that in my case it was a weird side effect of the depression. He increased my Lamictal and it stopped thank God. As others have said, it's probably just a result of a misfiring neuron or a minor chemical imbalance caused by the CFS. If it's really bothersome(and I know it can be)you might want to bring it up with another doctor. It is very easy to get rid of if the doctor cares to do so.

  15. donna13210

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    It is SO good to know I'm not alone with this.

    Wanted to answer a few questions you had: yes, I have a musical background and am a former member of a chorus that performed for the public and in competitions.

    The songs I hear are usually replicas of the way they were recorded. I hear words as well as the music. Since I have a background in barbershop singing, I usually hear the harmony, too! It gets pretty noisy in this head!

    For those of you who only notice it at night when it's quiet, I wonder if you have it more often but don't realize it. If I turn up the tv or music loud enough, I can go for quite awhile without being aware of it. And maybe I shouldn't bring your attention to it!

    To Mikie, I was going to look into Klonopin anyway for FMS in general, so thanks for mentioning it.

    Yes, I will pay more attention to what songs I am hearing and when, and give it more thought. Interesting.

    After posting this topic, I had only a few minutes to search the web. Most of what I saw so far lists the following as possible causes(get this): Some degree of deafness; lesions on the dorsal pons region of the brain stem; or unruptured intracranial aneurysms (rare). And of course tinnitus OR plain old "hallucinations" (with music instead of voices in conversation) as in psychiatric disorders. I will investigate more when I get time.

    Thanks again! I'm so glad I found this site!
    Take care all,
  16. marta

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    I just found this thread and had to add my experiences. Like Lifedancer I sometimes find that I often can relate the song that my brain has choosen with something relevant in my life. If I stop and ask it what it's trying to tell me, often I'll realize that it makes an odd kind of sense. Like hearing "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" in the morning.

    However. When I listen to Josh Groben's CD I CANNOT get the songs out of my head. They play over and over and over and over...... It seems that the more touched I was by the song or message in the song, the more it haunts me.

    Then, finally, if I can successfully avoid all popular (and unpopular tunes) my brain will play the same notes, over and over and over and.....

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. The seizure activity theory of Mikie's makes sense. I don't recall having the problem when I took Klonopin (unfortunately it made my hair fall out - over and over and over....).

  17. donna13210

    donna13210 Member

    My head jukebox also sometimes plays the same notes over and over. I always wondered if it was an obsessive-compulsive thing (OCD).

    I know what you mean about the Josh Groban music! It is haunting and moves me like no other music I've heard for a very long time. I hope he puts out an all-English CD soon!

    Thanks for your "two cents"!
  18. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I'm goning to have Josh in my Head all day now, lmao or lol.

    He is only 21 years old, what a Talent, and he has so many year's of Him.

    When my Mom Passed away last July, I bougth his CD, and had them Play, "To Where You ARe" for the opening song, and for the closing we chose the Prayer, with him singing with Ms Church, another Wonderful Singer.

    My Mom's Friends that came were all Talented Singers themselves, Mom did a lot of Light Opera and Broadway Shows, with the Local Community Groups. I just couldn't deciaed who to ask to sing, without hurting anyones Feeling's.
    I made the right choice, not a Dry Eye in the Place, Mom would have Love it.

    She had just seen Josh on the Rosie show, a few weeks before she passed on, and she was very Excited about this Young Man. She called him a Singer's Singer, and so did one of her Friends at the Funeral, it certainly Minstered to my Heart.

    I don't know how I got through all that, I went into a Flare during the Craziness that goes on when you have to take care of everything.

    The Music of the 3rd song on the CD is what I dance to, for my Excerise's, I used to dance till this dd and Arthritis took that from me. Did you Know that Lina Thompson, who used to be one of Elvis' Girlfriend? She's married to David Foster, who Produces both Josh and Charolet Gads can't spell her name right, must be good old Fibro Fog.

    I was pulling weeds yesterday, should say Trying to, and I put on my Music and turned it up so that I couldn't hear the stupid song that was playing in my head.

    Do any of you Whistle? Hubby say's I whistle more now that I don't get to sing as much.

    Lose one Talent gain another I say.

  19. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    Ok guys...I hadn't heard of this guy. With the talk about him, I looked him up. I have him playing on my computer right now. kredca4 I can see why there wasn't a dry eye in the house and I'm sorry for your loss.

    "The Prayer" so far is my favorite. I can cope with that sticking in my head.

    Thanks guys for opening a new door for me in music. Music is my outlet and comfort.

  20. marta

    marta New Member

    Yeah, I LOVE Josh. Tammy, I'm glad we nudged you into listening to him. He's one of the most talented people I've heard in a long time.

    Sharon, I got tears in my eyes at the idea of "To Where You Are" being used at your mom's funeral. What a lovely idea and how very perfect.

    My personal every day favorite is "You're Still You".... La la la la la la la LAAAAA.

    Oh oh. I'm in trouble now.........