Anyone have a sleep study done?

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    ...and if so were you helped at all by the results? I am schedualed to go to a sleep specialist; I have no idea if he'll decide to have one done on me or not but my doc agreed to refer me to him since I'm basically very strong for a fibro person but the zombie feeling is quite severe and it feels like if I could just get some decent stage 4 sleep I'd be much much better. I decided to ask her for the referal with the advice from a friend and ascially dont know much about it or what they can do with the study results so any advice is definitely welcome. As for insurance I havent met my deductable yet so I will have to pay for the first $1100 or so. I've tried all kinds of sleep meds and anti-depressents with only slight benefit.
    Can they do anything besides medications for sleep? I'm pretty sure I dont have sleep apnea because I asked my ex girlfriend to observe me during sleep and she said I didnt breathe funny or make wierd noises or thrash around.
    thanks for any replies
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    Nonrestorative sleep. Alphia/Delta sleep wave overlap. The doc asked her to look for FMS. So with this addeded support we believe it helped Gary to get SSDI one the first try without benifit interuption. We saw Dr. June Fry who is reported to be one of the pioners in sleep medicine. She did add that there was no medication to help the Alphia/Delta sleep wave interuption at this time.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    But mine was covered so I didn't pay.

    Don't know if worth the big expense to you, only you can decide that with a bit more info and depending on your financial circumstances.

    If you have the money, it would be a good diagnostic tool, wouldn't it? A proper night's sleep is cornerstone to overcoming or coping better with this illness.

    Have you been keeping a sleep journal? There are sample charts in books on insomnia.

    I think it's another important tool and you should bring it with you to the consultation with the dr.

    You may know this all, but just in case you don't, a sleep log should indicate what time you went to bed, meds taken, estimate of how many times you woke up, how long it took to fall back asleep if more than 15 minutes, estimate of how many hours sleep, a rating of how restful you felt your sleep was, an energy rating - how you feel when you wake up.

    A friend of mine just went for a sleep study, but left around 1 in the morning. He didn't realize so many electrodes involved and he felt he wouldn't sleep at all with all those wires attached to his body.

    I made a mistake when I went to mine. I went on a Friday. I was working at the time and just developing a pattern where I would have severe insomnia most of week, if not all,but would have to get up and go to work, so by Friday I was so exhausted and sleep deprived that I would finally sleep. So, I had a relatively good night's sleep in the sleep lab!

    I should have booked for a Saturday.

    Besides, what better way to spend a Saturday night?

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    Ellencomstock had one done a few months ago. Do a search for her posts also.

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    My insurance changed this year and my new approved for me to have a sleep study. After having CFS for 15 years and trying all sorts of meds/treatments, I thought "what the heck" and had the study done. My referring dr thought I would be diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome which I really doubted since my husband NEVER complained about any leg movement.

    The sleep study wasn't too horrible for me although there are a lot of wires hooked up to you all over your body. I was able to take my normal nighttime meds but had a horrible time falling and staying asleep (which is normal for me).

    I was actually diagnosed with RLS which really surprised me. I have been on meds since April but have notice NO change in any of my sleep patterns or the way that I feel on a normal basis.

    I guess with CFS, you get all sorts of other "problems" too but nothing makes the fatigue and draining feel go away. Meds must just help the other stuff but I can't tell a difference.

    Good luck.
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    A few months ago, I had a sleep study done. I didn't think I was having any trouble, except I just did not get to the REM stage of sleep where the body heals itself. I did snore. Although I didn't know I stopped breathing, I did during the test. The apnea episodes were not lengthy, but they and the hypopnea episodes (where breathing is shallow and the body does not take on enough oxygen) were so numerous that they classified my case as severe. I was diagnosed with FMS in 1987, but I know I have had it much longer. Now, I am off all meds except one and feel like a new person. I still occasionally have a migraine and when I do, I can look for a major flareup, but it is short lived. I also take MSM and a seaweed extract. These two things along with the CPAP machine have helped tremendously. I think I may live to see my grandchildren grown and married now!