Anyone have a tingly back?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tattoopixie, May 17, 2003.

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    I have no idea why I have this. My lower back was spasming/painful last month almost daily. Now I get a tingly sensation in the same spot off & on all day. It has been going on for over a week. It still spasms & is painful off & on. Does anyone else get this? Does anyone know what causes it/what to do about it? Thanks!
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    I am sorry that I don't have any answers for you, but I do have a similar dilemna and am also interested in hearing any replies. My fiance has had fibro for several years and has had a variety of strange occurances in his body......recently he has been experiencing lower back pain and spasms. He is also feeling the numbness and tingling feelings in his limbs (both arms and legs) Also when he walks he feels as if his legs are weak and shaky and that they are going to go out from under him. I just came on here tonight to see if I could see if anyone else had ever had the same things happening.
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    my back and I hardly feel his nails and ask him to scratch harder and harder. It's like it's not part of me almost. Our doc said it was part of the FMS. I get steroid shots many every few months in my worst spaspasumming areas and it has helped.

    The weakness in the legs and numbness and or tingling and creepy crawly feelings can be very disconserting and Gary has Fallen twice. Has he told the doc this and has he had testing for these symtoms? If not he should, there are just too many things that we can have with the same symtoms but, be caused by these DD's or something else.

    Good luck you all, Kim and Gary
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    Sometimes I feel like this message board is the only place to go and get information from people who really understand and take the time to listen. Whenever we go to doctors appointments I feel like we are just wasting our time and the Dr. says something like....."I think you are just under alot of stress"....."I don't think that you are sleeping properly". The doctor gives the impression that we are just being dramatic and tends to just pass things off. I honestly don't understand why a doctor cannot notice that a marathon runner who only saw his doctor once every couple of years for a check-up would have nothing better to do then lay in bed for three months and run back and forth to the doctor making up strange symptoms for attention. It seems that our psychiatrist has been the one to order the blood tests and rule out other underlying possibilities when there have been strange symptoms or severe attacks of pain. I guess we will have to discuss this further with him.
    I DID notice while reading back in the posts an explaination that made alot of sense for the spasming in the lower back. The message was titled Me too....and was posted by basket21 on May 9th.