Anyone have a wierd reaction to Effexor?

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    I have actually been on Effexor before, so I don't know why this reaction now, but here it is: I felt paranoid, the bags under my eyes were so dark, I looked like I had been on drugs and awake for a week straight. My pupils were dilated. I slept for 3 days straight. A migraine came on suddenly. I was told this was not a reaction to this medicine, but maybe a combonation of the Effexor and what I use to sleep, Elavil. I was asked not to take the Elavil, but continue the Effexor. What the heck is going to keep me from waking up 41 times a nite? Any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless! Trish
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    Hi Trish,

    I take the Effexor and the Elavil together and have not had any trouble with both of them. I have found that the effexor does nothing for the panic feelings I have and I take Xanax for that.The Xanax helps me sleep. I ran out about a week ago and have been having the same problems, trouble sleeping and feeling panic but I never thought it could be due to the Effexor.

    Sorry you are having such a hard time and hope you find relief soon.

    Gentle Hugs,
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    I'm on day two of pulling off of Effexor and I'm pissy as all get out today. Actually, I have reason to be but I am more so than usual and you know what, it feels pretty darn good to FEEL for a change - even if it isn't joy or bliss.

    I'm a bit dizzy and feeling weird but I've warned the girls in the office I'm getting off of Effexor. Since having 'put the word out' I don't feel pressured to be normal or hide it away if I start to feel a bit odd. Everyone around here understands getting on and getting off of medications. It makes life sooooo much easier.

    I'm sorry I can't help you with your particular predicament with Effexor. When I began Effexor, it kept me awake and I felt a little shell-shocked but not to the extent you are describing.


    Good luck in getting responses you need :)


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    I have taken Effexor for about 2 and a half years. I also take Ambien to sleep and Mobic as an anti-inflammatory. I don't think I experience any side effects from the combination of these drugs. Effexor and Ambien both have been lifesavers for me! When I upped my dosage of EFfexor about a year ago, my pain sure lessened!
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    I took effexor and it made my hands and feet get cold and it made me sick to my stomach.
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    I had a weird reaction to Effexor, too ... paranoia, weird dreams, unabkle to sleep even with the Elavil. I could barely leave the house, I was so paranoid! I stopped taking it on my own, and didn't mention the symptoms to my doctor 'til the next time I was due to see him. He told me that at the level I was taking (150mg), that symptoms like that were normal for a week or two. He could have told me that when he first GAVE it to me!!!!!! Well, luckily, the symptoms DID go away after the first week, and my sleep patterns have normalized (for the first time in my life! I remember not being able to get to sleep back when I was 5 yrs old, too). I don't really need the Elavil anymore, but sometimes I take it on the weekends for extra sleep-age.

    If you're having symptoms for more than two weeks, I'd definitely get off it. I was on Paxil for depression before; they switched me to Effexor when I was diagnosed w/FMS.

    I've also switched doctors after doing Internet research ... turns out the doctors I've been going to since my thyroid cancer were doing nearly everything wrong! I'm going to my boyfriend's doc now, who's not only very knowledgable, but nice, too!

    Since reading this board, I'm going to ask him about testing for Lyme disease, and switching from Synthriod to something else (my thyroid was removed completely due to the cancer). While reading, I thought back to when my FMS symptoms started ... I was ok after the surgery; but months later, after my radiation and scans - the fatigue started, and then the pain! I have a bad reaction to most chemicals (due to over-exposure in the '80's, when we didn't know better), but never thought about the "synth" part of the Synthroid! LOL! What if it turns out that's all that's wrong with me?!? I'll be kicking my old doc's ass, for one...

    Well, good luck to us both!
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    It was awful for me. I was sick constantly and was only on it for a couple of weeks.

    Coming off it... weaning off... was like having the "DT's" from a major drug withdrawal. I finally gave into it and slept for 18 hours straight... it was awful!

    I'm suppose to start Cymbalta, and I'm afraid, because I think the ingredients are similar.

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    Effexor made me psychotic after only three weeks of use and I had to be immediately taken off of it. The problem resolved itself once the medications cleared my system. It was so scarey. Equal time for equal clearing of the drug.

    My blood pressure was so high and my pulse was racing so fast I couldn't sit still. The new Psychiatrist I had hired just said to buy a blood pressure monitor and keep a log and wanted me to increase the dosage of the Effexor.

    Inside I knew he was wrong and that I would be dead, making him dead wrong! I fired him and hired a new doctor. He told me I couldn't do that, fire him! He went on to brag about being one of the "best drug pushers" in our area. I found the humor alright!

    I can take Wellbutrin XL another dopamine medication and I am doing fine.

    Our bodies are so sensitive aren't they? Sometimes it takes a second exposure to cause such an extreme reaction. This is scientific!

    Sleep is the most important factor in my opinion. If you sleep well the depression and brain chemicals begin to self regulate.

    Ask why they chose that medication? Why not an SSRI or anti anxiety medication? Keep after those doctors, asking them to explain their reccomendations. You can change doctors!

    You know your body! Keep expressing it! Doctors are practicing...remember this!

    Love and Blessings, Susan
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    I also had a very bad reaction on Effexor. I became paranoid, had panic attacks, felt anxious and stressed out all the time and was crying, shaking and twitching. Talk to your doctor before you ever go off Effexor. It is not like other drugs. You can go through a very traumatic withdrawal if you just stop cold turkey. I was on Effexor and was laid off from my job and money got really tight so I stopped taking my meds when they ran out. Without insurance it cost $300 for a month's supply!!! Well I had an extremely bad reaction and ended up at the hospital. (But it was also partly my fault for not talking to my doctor about how I was feeling on the drug.-Talking to your doctor is very important!!!!) The withdrawal can be bad for some. I was given free meds from the hospital (thank god) to calm me down and then I worked with my doctor to slowly wean me off and then try something else. Prozac for example does not have adverse effects if you stop taking it.
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    I am just now weaning....nope I take that back....I went off the Effexor xr 225mg last week....Went to 75mg. for a couple of days..Today is my second day that I haven't taken any......I am having withdrawal's, and they are not very pleasent to say the least!! I'm confused...get brain and body surges....kind of like electrical....they only last for a moment but I hate them......I'm crying one minute and ok the next......BUT for me.....and I can only say what I personally went through taking Effexor.....this is MUCH better......and believe's no fun....
    I had the worse pain in my neck and head that I went to the hospital...I had to get some pretty heavy pain shots for that.......THEN.....MY BODY FLARRED like I can believe..!!!!
    I was down for almost 4 wks...(that's how long I took this stuff)..I slept all day.....NO MOTIVATION!!! and I thought my Fibro had peaked!!! I thought....welp, cane or wheelchair is next for me!!!!
    AND EAT!!!!! I couldn't stop!!! I went from 123 to pushing on 150 lbs.......I had to eat all the time (almost). I would get this empty hungry type of pain (not one that hurt) but I just had to feed it....I went from ice cream, to popcorn, to..oh just whatever I could find in the house...I'd eat 3 bowls of ice cream a day!!!! I bought candy......milk shakes....ANYTHING!!!!
    This has been the worse 4 weeks that I remember...I have had some bad flare-ups, but they ease up if I take care of myself....THESE DIDN'T STOP! I couldn't clean the house, wash a dish........anything.......I was a total waste of a human being.
    I know this is a wonderful drug for some.....But not this GAL!!! I've been through enough!
    I also started XYREM on Friday night and I took it Fri. and Sat., and slept....I mean REALLY slept....and dreamed like you wouldn't believe......but I would wake up in the morning with this "doomed" feeling....And I think it is because I am coming off the Effexor.....I will go back on it (the XYREM)and look forward to the good things I have heard about XYREM..but not for at least a week.
    Now, I take 150 mg. of Zoloft (which I have taken for years) and 1mg. of Kolopin in the morning.....darvoset once or perhaps 2 times a day if I am having some pain....and last night I took 2mg. of Kolopin and a flexrel when I went to bed.....I was having really awful panic attacks....
    I slept through the night...and NO HEADACHE today and the neck pain is getting much better. AND I got out of the house for a while!!!! yeah! Also, no nap.
    I know this is WAY to long.......but I just needed to VENT!!!
    I do hope I have made sense in this post, as I and still confused and have be having some problems putting a complete sentence and remembering how to spell...
    I know this doesn't sound promising......but I'm just telling you what it did to me!!!!
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    Years ago I took Effexor for maybe a year or 2 . I took 3 75 mg pills a day. Didn't feel so bad while taking it but after awhile didn't seem to be helping at all so I weaned off it.

    I thought I weaned slow enough but I wound up going off the deep end, becoming very psychotic and attempting suicide. Of course, this was after being on it a LONG time.

    A friend of mine was on it for years and weaned herself off after having a lot of health problems develop from it. This has been about a year ago and she is still dealing with troublesome withdrawl symptoms from it, some of which have landed her in the hospital.

    She says theres a website about people who have had probs with Effexor and that it has been very enlightening. You might look into it.

    One thing for sure: DO NOT GO OFF IT COLD TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish you the best, Georgi
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    I was on Effexor for a few years but then I started having health problems. My blood pressure was up along with heart rate, breathing problems, horrible weight gain from eating ice cream which I usually don't ever eat.

    I am now on Wellbutrin. I feel so much better. I did wean myself off very slowly.