Anyone have abdominal adhesions/scartissue prob.s?

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  1. Bruin63

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    I have been through the ringer with tests, and also dealing with my other conditions, and I have a feeling this is what the Doc.s are going to find.

    "Abdominal adhesions are fibrous bands or thread-like scar materials formed in the abdomen following surgery, trauma, bleeding, infection or endometriosis."

    "Common surgical and medical conditions that could predispose to formation of pelvic or abdominal adhesion include cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder), ruptured appendicitis and subsequent appendicectomy, any bowel surgery, pus in the abdominal cavity, peritonitis, endometriosis, caesarean section (c-section adhesion), ectopic pregnancy repair, and indeed any major pelvic or abdominal surgery. "

    "Although most abdominal adhesions go unnoticed, the most common symptom is chronic abdominal or pelvic pain. The pain often mimics that of other conditions, including appendicitis, endometriosis, and diverticulitis"

    What are the symptoms of an intestinal obstruction?
    Symptoms of an intestinal obstruction include

    severe abdominal pain or cramping
    loud bowel sounds
    swelling of the abdomen
    inability to pass gas

    How are abdominal adhesions and intestinal obstructions diagnosed?
    No tests are available to diagnose adhesions, and adhesions cannot be seen through imaging techniques such as x rays or ultrasound. Most adhesions are found during exploratory surgery. An intestinal obstruction, however, can be seen through abdominal x rays, barium contrast studies—also called a lower GI series—and computerized tomography.

    How are abdominal adhesions and intestinal obstructions treated?
    Treatment for abdominal adhesions is usually not necessary, as most do not cause problems. Surgery is currently the only way to break adhesions that cause pain, intestinal obstruction, or fertility problems. More surgery, however, carries the risk of additional adhesions and is avoided when possible

    the info above are from some websites that deal with abdominal adhesions and the pain it can cause.

    this condition goes undx' because it has symptoms similiar to other conditions, some you may already have, due to co-exisiting conditions.

    When I was 23 I had explortary surgery, they found tumors, attached to my appendix, and ovaries,
    they cleaned them up,

    but not long after, the pain returned.
    I also had trouble getting pregnant (sp sucks sorry) and after finally having my son, I ended up having my uthuers removed, they left the ovaries,

    they had to remove those 10yr's later.
    plus I had my gallbladder removed.
    1st explotary surgery, then utherus removed, then the ovaries removed, and finally the gallbladder,

    4 major surgerys, so the odds are this is what is causing my pain, and constant imflammation, which is affecting the bladder, and causes me to have lite bleeding in my urine.

    it's been 2 years of hell, and having fms, spinal stenosis, degenerative disease though out my body, which causes othropedic problems,

    i have had 5 surergys for some of those also.

    sorry this is so long, as i don't get on the boards much these days,
    i have digital cysts on most of my fingers, and can hardly type,
    this took a while, and is probably full of sp errors,

    thanks for reading this, and if you have dealt with this problem please let me know if anything works for you other than surgery.

    I put MSM lotion on the scars, on the outside of my body, so maybe try some supplement with MSM might help, or give me the runs.

    Hope your Holidays are Happy, and as Painfree as possible.
  2. kat0465

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    Pain is no walk in the Park thats for sure, from what i understand theres not much to be done.
    after 5 laps, and then eventually a total Hysterectomy, my pain is worse now that before the Hysterectomy, im sure its adhesions. :(

    i also have the spinal stenosis, along with the cfs/fm and arthritis in my spine.
    i can tell you that since going on LDN, my spine & pelvic pain is somewhat better, the ldn has mostly helped the pain in my feet & muscles, but i have
    only been on it for almost a month.

    i plan on giving it a good 6 months as it is cheap & no side effects.
    you might give it a try, it sure cant hurt. i know they can do surgeries for adhesions, but i havent found much info wher it has helped.
    Hope your feeling better soon
  3. simonedb

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    hey, I had g.b. removed 20 yrs ago and subsequently got cfs, just found out in last couple years gallstones common with cfs in 80s but anyway, I initially seemed to be developing issues like what you mention, started to seem to get endometriosis with bad cramps and cysts and sometimes after eating or tea bad cramps etc but what I think helped break up potential problematic scar tissue etc was that I got regular body work for years where they go in there and specifically work on keeping the tissue soft like massage, cranial sacral, myofascial work and even rolfing, which I wouldnt nec. recommend as its too aggressive imho for cfs.
    I also did acupuncture and herbs and that got rid of cysts and cramps as well as cutting out coffee and cola important and eating good diet.
    I think the myofascial work is the best from a skilled body worker and its not nec. painful,pretty gentle. cranial sacral work is real gentle too but for me something about getting the spinal cranial fluid moving liek that can cause awful residual pain in head and spine but once that passes am better than was before the work.
  4. Bruin63

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    I had to look up the LDN, and after reading a few of the websites, about this treatment, I think I will have to pass on it.

    This is why, ...........

    "Because LDN blocks opioid receptors throughout the body for three or four hours, people using medicine that is an opioid agonist, i.e. narcotic medication — such as Ultram (tramadol), morphine, Percocet, Duragesic patch or codeine-containing medication — should not take LDN until such medicine is completely out of one's system. Patients who have become dependant on daily use of narcotic-containing pain medication may require 10 days to 2 weeks of slowly weaning off of such drugs entirely (while first substituting full doses of non-narcotic pain medications) before being able to begin LDN safely. "

    I have disc's in my spine that are collapsing and the Dr.s won't do surgerys for them, due to the way my recovery time, which usually takes a long time, as in the past operations.

    I would not beable to take my pain meds,
    I didn't see any thing about LDN helping with thoes conditions,
    altho they did list FMS, which I have, along with Myofascal Pain disorder.

    I have not been able to find a good Massage threaphist here in my area.
    When I lived in Idaho, my BF, who is a MT, spoiled me, because of the treatments she gave me.
    She actually knew way back in 99, that this was probably my problem.

    She did try the rolfing, but that caused me big trouble with my IBS, so we just stuck with Soft Tissue Swedish Massages, with a little, hip/pelvic adjusting.
    not like a chrio, tho,

    my sacrum pops out of whack. and this was something that would put it back in place, for a while that is.

    Thanks so much for replying, and I am very sorry you have had to deal with this also.

    Hoping my Labs next week will help show if there have been any organ disease involment, with this pain.

    sharonk ;o)

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