Anyone have allergies or food intolerances?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mandyau, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. mandyau

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    Are people with CFS more likely to have alergies or become intolerant to different foods? Or is it just another symptom of CFS?
    I used to be able to eat anything but now my stomachs always bloated and im always feeling sick, i was thinking i should try find out if im gluten intolerant or somrthing else.
    Anyway anyone else have problems with this stuff? how did you find out what it was?
    Thanks Mandy xx
  2. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    I went to an allergy/immunology doctor who treats FMS/CFS plus a lot of other health problems.

    He did food testing and found out I am allergic to a lot of foods, like cow's milk, wheat, gluten, eggs, yeast, potatoes, lemons, bananas and the list goes on.

    Also have environmental allergies like trees, pollen, cats, dogs, cattle, rabbits, feathers and the list goes on.

    I have FMS, CFS, IBS plus other health problems.
  3. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    I don't have typical CFS symptoms but I do have chronic fatigue, ongoing stomach problems.

    All in all, if you suspect foods are giving you trouble, I'd try an allergy elimination diet for 2-3 weeks. The premise is to cut out all foods which are common allergies. The list is extensive and basically leaves you with select veges, plain cooked chicken and fish. Basically if you cut out all the foods and your symptoms improve while on, it's likely that a food (or multiple ones) need to come out of the diet...then you reintroduce foods one at a time to try to narrow it down.

    I've got many food allergies (including to Gluten) and I also keep a medical diary on a spreadsheet to look for trends of foods causing problems. It's been very valuable.
  4. crdmkr2004

    crdmkr2004 New Member

    Yes, I do. I have known for years that everytime I ate anything with white flour or sugar, my face would turn totally red and feel so hot sometimes that my eyes would burn and water. I have also been diagnosed with asthma in the past 5 years so now I am allergic to dust, smoke and other enviromental toxins. I have built up an intolerance to alot of smells too.
    What I decided to do for my food problems is right now I am doing the south beach diet and I am in week 2. I only eat pure protein (no processed foods or fatty meats), dairy (light or low fat),eggs,and nonstarch veggies and nothing with sugar,corn syrup,honey or wheat (read your labels).
    I have lost 11 pounds and will be slowly introducing other foods one by one to see how my body reacts. Doing this slowly will show me what foods I can tolerate and which ones to avoid, just like babies when they first start on solids. I think it is great plus it got rid of my carb, sugar cravings and I am losing weight to boot. This healthy way of eating is written by a cardiologist too. Just a thought.
    Take care
  5. Steviegal

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    I thought I'd developed food 'allergies' when I got sick, but in reality I developed intolerances. From what I've learned this can be because of lowered adrenal function, "leaky gut syndrome" (which I recognize is a controversial theory), imbalances in the gut itself (as in candida overgrowth or imbalance of PH) and on and on.

    I tried the food avoidance thing, which I never could seem to figure out, then went and had 'allergy' RAST tests done with seemed to show I wasn't allergic to anything. Alot of good that did! Then my naturopath suggested I have an IgG Elisa Standard Food Sensitivity Assay. It is done by Immuno Laboratories in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was the best $1800. I ever spent. The test is far more sensitive than the regular allergy tests. I believe it was originally developed by Dr, Majid Ali (who is also the author of a wonderful book called The Canary and Chronic Fatigue). It tests over 100 different foods, to see how your blood serum reacts to the food antigens. I reacted to 20. It rates your reactions on a scale of 1-4, 4 being 'worst'.

    It took all the guess work out of the process. Immuno Labs sent me a notebook with information on how to and what to eat, and to rotate even the non-reactive foods in 4 day cycles so I didn't get new reactions. The have a Dr. there on staff, who, once you're tested will ALWAYS return your calls to give you counsel at no extra cost. After I had this done, my stomach problems started settling down in a BIG WAY and amazingly enough I woke up one morning for the first time in years without my ears feeling "full", like filled with fluid.

    I found another local Houston doctor later on who re-ran the test (at a much discounted rate) which showed some of my sensitivities had cleared up. This is because if you are 'sensitive' and not 'allergic' (which by the way is a histamine response), the body recognizes the food molecules as the 'enemy'. Many times, once you've avoided the food for long periods, the body doesn't recognize it as an invader. This was true for me, though not for all patients. There was no way I could have figured this on my own with food avoidance as I was just too sick in the beginning.

    Hope this helps.
  6. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member


    I was wondering the same thing. Are my digestive problems a result of CFIDS/FM, possibly the reason I got CFIDS/FM, or totally unrelated? I have other allergies too.

    I was diagnosed with IBS 30 years ago and CFIDS/FM 16 years ago. But, my digestive problems didn't get really bad until 3 years ago. I had cramping, gas, bloating, "D", "C", GERD, and severe pains 24/7.

    I went on the food elimination diet + gluten free about 8 months ago and now my digestion is great so long as I avoid certain foods. The list is long.

    I'm pretty sure I have less brain fog and more energy, but being perimenapausal, these are harder to guage.

    I didn't bother with the allergy testing because my experience with the tests has shown me that they can be inconclusive.

    I'll be interested to see the results of your question.

    Sincerely marcia

  7. mandyau

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    Its just so hard to tell if its the CFS or actual intolerances, it makes it so frustrating!

    To make things even worse i went to see a dietian after id allready taken gluten/wheat/yeast/dairy (advice from GP) and the dietian told me that theres no such thing as gluten/yeast/wheat intolerance, but you can be slightly lactose intolerant. Then see lectured me on the importance of the 5 food groups and told me i should be eating everything i had taken out of my diet in a week!
    I couldnt believe she said all that and how weong she was, how did she evr get her degree?
    Anyway i think i'll go back to my CFS specialist he might be a bit more understanding and able to rec someone better qualified!

    Ok sorry about that, just had to rant abit there.
    Thanks Mandy xx
  8. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

    For anymore replies. Thanks
  9. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    food intolerances and alleries are part of cfids.
    there is a good site online, which explains this link under
    take care
  10. kjschlotte

    kjschlotte New Member


    below is the list we came up with on the message board last fall:So far on the list I have:

    Peanut Butter-
    Green Peppers
    corn syrup
    red meats
    vegi's high in starch


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