Anyone have any connections with a book publishing house?

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    Not that this is the most original idea ever ;) , but reading this board and other forums/groups make you realize even moreso the emotional depth of the experience of having CFS or FM. If that depth in people's stories could be communicated via some kind of collabrative book, well that would just be great for awareness/research and potentially also very rewarding for the people involved (as a catharsis).

    So does anyone know anything about publishing books, or have any knowledge of the publishing busness?

    P.S. As I envision it, I think it would work best if people could write of their specific experiences without having to go into medical-babble or trying to explain the "pamplet/wikipedia version" of CFIDS while simultaneously telling their story (or some aspect of it). Sort of like "A Sudden Illness" by Laura Hillenbrand but without all the exposition on the illness itself that she must have felt responsible to use as a way to explain the it to the uninformed.
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    bumpity-bump. surely there must be someone. or even lit majors.
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    It's expensive for a traditional house to publish a book. The writing must be of a standard higher than most non-writers can achieve and the structure of the book must be sound or the burden of editing is too great.

    Once the much maligned 'Vanity Press', self-publishing is becoming a viable alternative. Books can now be published in smaller number so the up front costs are less.

    If a self published book is very good it sometimes finds a mainstream publisher who will bestow its imprimatur on a deserving work and do some PR etc. There's a lot of work involved in getting it to that point. You can research self publishing online. Of course, avoid sites that offer the service!

    Perhaps, if a group of people were to write really compelling, well written stories in a blog format a publisher might consider making it into a book. Wouldn't be the first time a blog became a book. But, it would have to be good. You can research that, too.

    Laura H. is a very, very good writer. She is a writer. There is so much about writing which is difficult, often brutally so. Writing is not easy.

    Ok, I should never ever start writing a post after taking sleep med.s


    ETA I'm sure publishing houses have stacks of manuscripts re ME and CFS and FM. I'd guess some are first person accounts - illness memoirs, and some are group efforts. They also have to be good, well written books.

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