Anyone have any idea of what happened here???

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    On Dec. 12 I only had back, hip, and leg pain only on left side. I did have some numbness and tingling also only that side. After having the EMG and nerve conduction test done on Dec. 12 I have pain, numbness and tingling all over my body. The doctor who did the test does not have an answer for me. He does not believe me. I am seeing a new doctor now and she has sent me to therapy for possible fibromyalgia. It has not helped any yet. But I am only in my second week. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW IS WHAT DID HAPPEN TO ME ON DEC.12, AFTER THAT AWFULLY PAINFUL TEST,AND DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYONE ELSE THAT HAS EXPERIENCED THIS.THIS IS REALLY GETTING ME DEPRESSED. I HOPE I DO NOT SCARE ANYONE FROM THESE TEST. I SEEM TO BE AN ISOLATED CASE. ANY IDEAS, ANYONE?
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    It sounds like you may have had Fibromyalgia prior to having the test(especially if the tests came back all negative) and that the stress of the tests set off a Fibromyalgia "Flare" of pain symptoms. I've had that happen in response to painful tests. It's unfortunate but it happens.

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    Hi cioc1212, what you are saying makes sense to me. But if this is a " FLARE " when will it end? Yes, both of those test came back negative. My doctor wants one more test done before they Dx me as having Fibromyalgia. I forgot the name of it but it will involve my muscles. I pray they do not hurt me again. Take care.
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    What were the tests for, what did they do, and what made them painful? The Pain Specialist I saw today wants to run a battery of tests on me starting with some kind of neuro tests as he says I have nerve damage.

    Thanks for your help. Carol....